FEATURED INBOX POST – “In God” (with a response from Mike Farrell)

You are all a cancer on our society. I believe you are all Jewish and, as a fellow Jew, a Vietnam Veteran and a patriot I find you to be an insult to our religion and our core values. You all have probably never served this country, are leftist assholes and I condemn you to your own worst views of hell.

I am proud to sign this,

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

Proud to sign something so incredibly stupid? Amazing. Let me count the ways you are wrong.

1) We are people of all faiths and no faith.

2) Your core values, given the ignorance expressed in this short hate note, are valueless.

3) Most of us are either in the military now or have served in the past.

4) We are people of varying political views.

Your condemnation bothers us not, but the ignorance of your position and the utter stupidity of your statements makes me, for one, pity you.

If you’d like to truly express your Jewish, veteran and patriotic values, I urge you to read the mission statement of the MRFF and get a better understanding of the organization and the mission you have so misjudged.

Mike Farrell

I am going to make the assumption
that you, Mike Farrel, are the actor from MASH that I heard
paraphrased on the news prior to the interview with “Mikey”.
I am well aware that this show was anti-war and had good,
moral messages as well as some I did not agree with. I also
remember one episode, if I remember it correctly, that you
asked the soldier “Jesus” if God hears all prayers and the
answer was “Yes, but sometimes the answer is no”.

As a Nam Vet this is the episode that sticks with me. I also
remember how the majority of Hollywood types, as well as a
manipulated civilian population, punished the Nam Vets for
the policies they had nothing to do with and you all treated
us with a very left wing approach. You ignored the people
you attacked and treated them like shit, not caring about
them as people nor as deserving of any respect.

YOU all are doing the same thing again. You are taking the
westboro baptist church (small letters intentional as they
deserve no title or respect) approach of setting out to
destroy something that is both tradition and important to
the MAJORITY for your own liberal agenda. You care not that
the people that agree with you can simply not repeat those
few words and especially God. You have to punish the
majority, again and again. This country, led by a misguided
election, is set on reshaping the country in an image that
destroys the intent of the founders, not what protects the

If any of you ARE military then you are violating the UCMJ
and are subject to court martial, something I would support.
It is the methods you use that I object to. It is the intent
to breakdown the system. It is the attacks on the Christian
and Jewish chaplains performing their role yet the aiding of
Islamic chaplains. It is the attacks on the choice of
patriotism over simply getting a paying job. I find you,
your group, your message, an affront to our senses and
beliefs. MOVE to some place you can live as you want.

You do not have varying political views. You just might not
agree on all things. Your political views jibe or you could
not be doing this.

No,,, my opinions are not valueless. I do more in this
country and overseas in all levels of social projects,
economic issues and politics that probably any of your
group. I speak for many people and say things they simply do
not have the impetus to or do not know how to express.

Valueless? I can be your worst nightmare. I can be an ally.
I can be oblivious. I chose which.

Yes, MY name is (name withheld) and I support this message. You
should be ashamed of yours, ALL of YOU!.

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1 Comment

  1. Etaoin Shrdlu

    Apparently this “genius” (name withheld) doesn’t realize that Jews don’t believe in Hell! Reason enough to question his credibility.

    Keep up the good work, MRFF!

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