jew jew jew jew jew jew

you goddamn jewboy homo commie America hating kike. I hate you mikey. my family hats you. my church hates you. My town hates you. We hate your uglyass children and skank cunt of a wife. we pray pray and more pray that your hearts will explode out of your hookjew noses and Christ hating mouths. and that day is coming you jew. We hate your MFFR devil worshippers too. you will all of you pay in time for trying to keep the ONLY Lord of all Jesus out of the sacred oath at the Air Academy. oh you think you won with making Jesus optional little jewboy? there is NO optional when it comes to surrendering to Jesus you damn kike motherfucker. And thats what America was founded for.

(name withheld)

Dear Jew-lover,

I’ve been asked to respond to your email, while Mikey continues to help those who really need it: service members and veterans whose religious freedoms are under attack because, in the case of more than 34,000, they are judged to be “not Christian enough.” That is, they are Christian, they love Christ, they worship Christ, they go to church, but they are not — well, let’s just say, they are not like you, though many who want them to be are far less honest about what that means than you are.

Your email does make me wonder one thing, though: You do know Jesus was a Jew, right? That is, by your own definition, he was a — how did you put it? Oh, yeah — “goddamn jewboy homo commie America hating kike” and “kike motherfucker.” Of course, there was no “America” when Jesus was alive, but then, there was no “Christianity” or even “Islam” yet, either.

So, seeing as how you love Jesus so much, I guess you love Mikey and other Jews just the same. Good! Thanks!

A staunch MRFF supporter and military veteran

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