Mickey Weinstein’s appearance on Fox

Please pass this on to Mickey.

You didn’t help yourself on Fox tonight. I am a regular Fox viewer and despite your “Fox World” comment upon introduction, I found your constitutional argument had merit. However, you were such an obnoxious guest, you treated Ms Kelly in a very condescending manner, which I connected to your initial comment. You came in a with a disparaging view of Fox and it’s audience. I do not appreciate your condescension.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),
Mikey (not Mickey, as Megyn’s co-reporter also corrected himself) is swamped with emails regarding the show, right now, and has enlisted my help, among others, to respond, so that no email (with legitimate address) goes unanswered.
First, I’m glad you understood Mikey’s points regarding the USAFA situation. That is the critical thing.
Second, I understand your point about Mikey’s presentation style. Mikey has been on Fox quite a few times, and even mild-mannered speakers like Robert Reich, who has also been on Fox, report that the producers, there, encourage — nay, demand — confrontational style. It stirs up the viewers. It draws attention from people who are flipping through channels, so that they stick and continue through the commercials. After all, that’s what pays the big bucks: commercials.
Megyn, herself, made a few condescending comments, but this time, she pretty much got to coast, while Mikey did the hard work for her — the work of grabbing attention, firing up viewers’ emotions, and earning those commercial dollars.
Third, and final, point: Recent research tested a statistical sampling of Americans to see who was most knowledgeable regarding current events and where they got their news. Sadly, the FoxNews viewers not only ranked lowest, even below those who don’t watch or read the news, it was because they were misinformed regarding facts — not claims, but actual, undisputable facts.
If you like, I can try to help you find that research; it was mentioned in so many media outlets, though, you can probably find it for yourself with little effort. You’re more likely to read, understand, and perhaps believe the results better, if you do the homework of looking it up.
On behalf of MRFF, thank you for emailing, and feel free to browse our website to learn more. Mikey has collected enough real data about what’s happening inside the military that, perhaps, even you will feel riled up about it. What you see there, though, will be only the tip of the iceberg. To protect the military members who reach out to Mikey for help, and of whom 96% are Christians, much of the details must, must be kept confidential.

A staunch MRFF support and US military veteran

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