Religion in the Military

(In the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka in the classic comedy Stripes(1981)…Lighten up Francis!

My response (in quotation marks (“) to your calm and thoughtful letter below.


Andy Kasehagen

Let me say that You people make me sick, and I use the term people loosely, your more like a case of the crabs that just can’t be eradicated.

“I wouldn’t know but here’s a helpful link for your next ‘episode’ (”

Who put you in charge.?

“…of what may I ask? ”

You want to be a Jew, or a atheist, go right ahead, who are you to tell Americans that they can’t believe in God, or that God doesn’t have a place in America.. God has no place in your life, that’s your business, but you have no right to impose your nonsense on the rest of us.

“Assuming your hyperventilation is the result of reporting by Meghan Kelly or some other equally fine journalist I offer this:

Ms. Kelly, and others, contend that individuals taking the oath at the Air Force Academy (among others) could simply leave ‘those words’ off on their own. Logically then, Ms. Kelly obviously feels those words are clearly extraneous and therefore essentially meaningless to the oath. Why are they included in the government’s oath then? Additionally, if they are meaningless, why all the worry and ‘pearl clutching’ in light of the commendable objective of limited government intrusion so usually expressed by Ms. Kelly?

Now consider the reverse of what Ms. Kelly said; that individuals taking the oath could simply add ‘those words’ on their own (this was Mikey’s point to Ms. Kelly). Have individual members of the military been denied this personal ability when completing their require oaths? If you are aware of this happening, please let us know here at MRFF, we’ll jump all over that government intrusion into religious faith just a vigorously. Personally, my Christian faith in God and Jesus do not require government prompting for expression.

Now let’s consider the no harm/no foul concept while replacing ‘those words’ in a required government oath with ‘So help me Allah’. So help me Jehovah? So help me Vishnu? Buddha? Flying Spaghetti Monster?….etc. How’s your comfort level now? Any objections being included in a required government oath?

The same Constitution that gives you the right to say what you say also prohibits religious establishment and tests. When a government prompts religious expression through the use of extraneous and meaningless words in a required oath; what other purpose can it logically have than support/establish or test for a preferred religious response when there is absolutely no prohibition against an individual’s expression of religious faith after taking such oath?”

It’s amazing, every time I turn around there is another left wing nut claiming that we’re not tolerant of there beliefs and views etc, yet it’s you the left wing nut that is not tolerant , the moment you don’t agree with someone else’s views there you go trashing it and trying to say it is impeding your rights.. Being tolerant isn’t one sided you asshole! You want us to tolerate all your crap but not the other way around. Go to hell you hypocritical ass..there are other ways to earn a living beside trashing other peoples rights. We have every right in this country to worship God, our country is a Christian Nation, it has always been a Christina Nation, and it repulsed me that people like you are even listened to let alone taken seriously, you people won’t be happy until we are a Godless, Marxist , military state in which the crazy liberals, and gays are in charge forcing everyone to bow down to there warped thought process. I wish people like you and your whole organization would just shut up already and leave this Country alone. Your destroying what’s left of it.. You and Obama ought to just go take over some island and start your own left wing nut country , you can all support eachother and trash God,.

” We’ll give thoughtful consideration to your views in light of the following:

-MRFF operates on an annual budget of around $700k while the Dominionist seeking to turn the U.S. Military into government paid missionaries operate on hundreds of millions including taxpayer dollars (MRFF receives $0 taxpayer funding).

-Fox News, in solidarity with several Dominionist Christian organizations, recently announced they will forego all advertising revenue and suspend executive and on-air talent pay while they continue to whip up the masses with their phony ‘War on Christianity’ meme.

Guess what? Only one of these statements is true. You figure it out ‘Einstein’.

One final helpful link since you seem to be having several unrelated episodes here (”

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