“So help me God”

“Mikey” Weinstein’s biography under your “About” tab doesn’t mention the part about what a fool he is.

A) God has no religion. Religion is a creation of man. Therefore, attempting to keep the word “GOD” from an oath has nothing to do with religious freedom.

B) “Mikey” graduated from the AF Academy. Good for him. That means he is intelligent, but not (obviously) wise.

C) Whether you believe in him or not doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. He does, and only a fool would think otherwise.

D) Better change your way of thinking……you are all not as intelligent as you think you are.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey’s busy, protecting the legal religious rights of Christians and others in the United States military from, well, as you might put it, fools. I have been asked to respond to your email. Know this: To date, over 35,000 have turned to Mikey and MRFF for help, and 96% of them are Christians. That adds up to more than 33,600 Christians, alone.

Notice how they don’t turn to you or to Mr. Sekulow. Because you would deny their religious liberty, just as you would deny the religious liberties of the remaining 4%.

Whether god exists, in singular or multiple or simply not at all, is anyone’s guess. That is why government is barred from taking a stand. We cannot be The United States of America if we are divided on religious grounds with government taking one stand and the legal rights denied for all who don’t fit that religion.

Indeed, countries which do push one religion on all the people are countries from which citizens wish to escape. The USA neither needs to be, nor needs to create in others, such a crushing cage, particularly on Crusader grounds, as Christianity has shown how merciless it can be, when taken over by extremists.

Those extremists, today, are called Dominionists. You might never have heard the word, but your writing proves you fit the bill. How unAmerican of you. How traitorously unAmerican! And, based on the person of Jesus, how unChristian, as well.

A staunch MRFF supporter and military veteran

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