Sorry embarassments for Jewish descendants

Mr. Weinstein, instead of trying to run God out of everything and trying to stop members of our military from worshipping God why don’t you and your Atheistic pieces of whale excrment just pack up and move to somewhere like N. Korea. I’m sure you would fit right in. If you God hating child of Satan needs help leaving feel free to contact me I would be more than happy to show you the door.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld)

I’ve been asked to respond to your email, since Mikey is busy protecting service members from those who would insist they accept a government-institutionalized version of somebody’s god — perhaps yours, perhaps not yours.

Just think about it.

If our military service men and women were forced to accept some governmental version of somebody’s god, who would be next, our civilian population? What if that version of god weren’t the one you so vehemently defend, and yet, you were forced to swear allegiance to it or, as you suggest of Mikey, get out of this country?

Our founding fathers knew all about such religious bullying and domination as you have shown Mikey. That is why they wrote into the Constitution a rule expressly prohibiting government from requiring military members or civilians or anyone else to pass a religion test (i.e., to prove their belief by saying, for example, “So help me, God.”).

Any service member who wishes to add such a swear to an oath may do so. Any service member who wishes to pray to any god he or she likes is welcome to. Anyone who doesn’t, should never feel coerced nor at risk of retaliation of any sort, including the sort in your email. Any government requirement to bow heads and pray, swear to any god, or attend any religious service, or even the appearance of such requirement, is unConstitutional, unpatriotic, and downright unAmerican.

A staunch MRFF supporter and military veteran

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