You Are The Most Evil Man in the World

Mr. Weinstein, I am the Christian mother of wonderful Christian children and the wife of a Christian Air Force Officer. We are stationed at the Air Force Academy where my husband proudly serves the Lord, our Family and our country. In that order. We belong to a spirit-filled Christian Church in a town also shining with the Light of Christ. And the Word of Christ. Me, my husband and our entire church are just furious at you and your Christian-hating MRFF gang of trouble-makers. You all just cannot get over yourselves. You think by raising the constitution (small ‘c’) over the Word of Christ (Big ‘C’) you are doing “good”? You are not. My husband and I saw the Colo. Spgs. independent article. By that awful athiest lesbian zubeck writer. It was sent out to us by members of our Church Board last evening. As a reminder of the work of satan which persists here in Colorado Springs and at the Academy. Aided and led by YOU, Mr. Weinstein. Now you attack the Honor Code at the Academy as you attack all other things sacred in Christ? There is NOTHING wrong with “So help me God” being sworn to by the cadets when they swear to uphold the Honor Code! Would you prefer them to swear to satan? Yes we know that you would. Everyone here knows why you attack the Academy over its love of God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ. Because your own children came here and couldn’t cope with an Air Force Academy where the gentle words of Christ bring hope and ease sorrow for all. You just cannot live and let live if Jesus is working his Word at the Air Force Academy. You deny the only Lord and Savior to the Air Force Academy because you are so very evil. We are taught in Church to hate the sin but love the sinner. But you are all sin, Mr. Weinstein. Our Church prays your days be few until you meet your father satan.


Dear defyljew (so clever),

Sorry to burst your bubble, but when your husband joined the military, he vowed to put his country first ahead of all others. Yes, he pledged to put the Constitution before his diety and you. If he cannot do that, he should get out. NOW.

In the military, the country cannot afford to have soldiers who might not follow orders, or support their fellow soldiers because they’ve put a diety or family first. If critical situations where their lives and others depend upon quick and accurate decision making they must not be distracted from their mission and their commitment to country.

I find it quite ironic that your “christian” church board acts in a very non-christian fashion by whipping up lies and hate towards the MRFF. After your husband leaves the military tomorrow, you and your fellow church members ought to sit down with your board and have a discussion on what being a christian is supposed to mean and how you should act in accordance with those tenets.

I read a quote yesterday which aptly applies to you and your fellow “christians”. By Francis Jeffrey – “Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest of violence.”

There’s a sickness and cancer in the country and it is not the Constitution or the MRFF. It’s you – the American Taliban.


A US Air Force Academy graduate, Air Force Officer retired, Fighter Pilot and defender of the Constitution

And you, my dear, are the most judgmental.

Rick Baker here. I’m an MRFF volunteer, former Air Force Officer and rescue pilot, having served two combat tours of duty in Vietnam. I say this only to show my qualification to comment on your AFA/Weinstein E-Mail.

Your letter demonstrates that you have been using your faith as a club beating others on the head with it. If the phrase “Judge not, lest ye be Judged” has any merit, you are in for quite a Judgment Day yourself.

Mr.. Weinstein and MRFF are dedicated to protecting the religious freedom of our young men and women in the Armed Forces as guaranteed by the US Constitution. Currently and for several years, operatives of a militant religious movement known as Dominion Christianity and who have attained positions of rank and power in the military has been aggressively proselytizing our troops with an extreme form of Christianity. MRFF is currently addressing over 34,000 complaints from our troops relative to this breach of the UCMJ and violation of Constitutional Law.

So you see, we are not anti-Christian but anti-Dominionist. If you are not familiar with the term “Dominion Christianity” just google it for a chilling glimpse into religion run amok.

Hopefully this will allow you to understand the tremendous effort MRFF has to maintain just to ensure that Christian Dominionism is contained in the military and our troops free of religious coercion.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (ret)

Excuse any typos or other errors as my computer is down and I am using a computer at our public library.

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