Mikey Weinstein,s (sic) Idiotic Views

Mr or Whatever you go by, it is obviously part of an upbringing that you choose to likely forget or you wouldn’t be in the position your hold making such stupid statements to something that helps to assure you have a right to have such an idiotic view that you profess.

No one made you a the sole wanna-be saviour of the world – that is left to one other person who without question has more power and authority to terminate idiots like you who think you should place your view over Him and all the other people who choose to follow Him and not the Devil. It is obvious you are and the others who you subverse as an agent of the Devil and try to emplace your views over all other people. May you and your intent to destroy all that is good let you rot in the Devil’s den forever.

(name withheld)

Hey Chief,

If you were actually ever “chief” of anything, you’ve clearly lost a step. Your rant is mostly incomprehensible, a word I fear you may not comprehend, so it’s unclear what you’re trying to say about Mr. Weinstein and the members and supporters of the MRFF, but let me assure you none of us are “subversed,” whatever you may think you mean by that.

No one made anyone “wanna-be saviour of the world.” What Mr. Weinstein and those of us involved with the MRFF do is a reflection of our belief in the rectitude (another tough one for you) and integrity of the intentions of the founders of this nation. In case you’re as confused about that as some seem to be,it’s simply that each of us is and ought to recognized as being free to believe as we choose. No one, not even someone who thinks of himself or herself as “chief,” has the right to shove his belief system down the throats of the men and women in our armed forces.

Get it? Well, that’s a hopeful question because you clearly don’t get it. I, for one, find it appallingly sad that you and so many believers are so quick to call out the devil. It appears to me that you’re much more inclined to spew devil talk than you are to deal with love, mercy, compassion and understanding, the way the one you refer to with a capital H tried to teach you to do.

I wish you clarity.

Mike Farrell

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