CSINDY – AFA’s Rosebush promoted work of James Dobson in a military training manual

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • A U.S. Air Force Academy research analyst with history as a gay conversion therapist has integrated the child-discipline advice of Dr. James Dobson into a military training manual. And after about 20 years, that manual continues to be distributed as an official Air Force document.
  • “Applying the Academy Training Philosophy,” by Mike Rosebush, has been available for use in various iterations across the Air Force since at least 1994. […] Which means that in Chapter 1, those men and women get to read about “CTO Peach,” “CTO Justice” and “Cadet Daring,” military characters inserted into a scenario taken directly from Dobson’s 1970 book, Dare to Discipline.
  • In late November, it emerged that Rosebush, who as recently as 2009 was self-publishing books on gay conversion therapy, has been working at the Air Force Academy since that same year — first in its “plans and programs directorate,” and since 2011 in its Center for Character and Leadership Development
  • Dare was also a deeply political work that praised J. Edgar Hoover’s grim assessment of America’s left, argued for banning groups like Students for a Democratic Society, and said that universities should dismiss faculty members who encourage “revolution.”
  • One person who did have something to say was Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who has long argued that the academy and Focus on the Family have too cozy a relationship. He called for Rosebush’s firing in November. Of Rosebush quoting Dare, Weinstein says, “It’s not surprising. James Dobson is inextricably intertwined in the DNA of the Air Force Academy.”

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