I can’t understand why you are afraid of a Nativity scene or any display of someone else’s religion other than yours. You consider the American flag a symbol of your religion so why are you so intolerant of others? The only being that I can think of that is afraid of Jesus is Satan. I think I know who you work for now.

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

As Mr. Weinstein is busy protecting the freedom of religion and belief of the men and women in our military, he has asked me, as a member of MRFF’s board of advisors, to respond to your message.

No one here is afraid of “a Nativity scene or any display” of religion, no matter whose it is. Most of the member/supporters of the MRFF are Christians and, I have to assume, love the scenes of the Nativity. It’s not that any of us are intolerant of any religious belief that causes our objection to a government-mandated Nativity scene, it is because we believe in the constitutionally mandated freedom of religion and the separation of church and state, which means that the government, and that includes the military, cannot display a religious scene or symbol because doing so implies an endorsement of one religion over another religion or no religion.

One of the basic freedoms of this country if the freedom of belief, which includes the freedom to not believe. In order to be fair and protect the rights and freedom of everyone, the government cannot and should not be in the business of displaying a religious scene or symbol. It’s fine if the churches do it, just not the government.

As to your implication about Satan, it amazes me that you are so defensive. I would have thought your faith would have taught you better.

Mike Farrell

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