Dear Mr. Weinstein,

You filthy communist PIG……..The day is fast approaching when America will elect a far-right nationalist conservatist president. And his adminstration will use all the powers the current commi-nigger traitor president has bestowed upon himself to purge and arrest all the enemies of America & Christ. The NDAA act that the pig president signed into law will be used against YOU. You will be arrested w/ no due process, no warrant, no rights, no lawyers and sent to a FEMA work camp for “re-education and punishment”. Read about Stalins purges, so you are aware of what awaits you in the near future.!!!!!!!

God & FEMA will have no mercy on your pathetic, anti-American, anti-Christian asses.

(name withheld)

(name withheld), baby!

Man, you are running hot. You appear to be a decade or so behind, I must say, given your rage about communists, but that may have something to do with your ability to read. “The day is fast approaching when America will elect a far-right nationalist conservatist president,” you say? I certainly get the “far-right” and “nationalist” part, but what, pray tell, is a “conservatist”?

I guess, from the list of slurs you’ve attached to just about everything that passes for communication in your love note, you hate just about everything you see, taste, hear, feel and think. That must make for some lonely days and nights. Oh, wait, “America & Christ” seem to still be OK with you. Right? And, apparently FEMA is OK, or will be when you and your conservatist friends take over and re-create the Stalinist purges and like that.

So I get what bugs you about America at this point: just about everything. But tell me about the Christ part; should I assume “turn the other cheek” is off the table?

Anyway, my man, as you wait for the “far-right nationalist conservatist president” to take over, you keep on breathing fire and cursing everything and promising retribution and we’ll keep doing what we do. I’d explain that further but I fear you wouldn’t understand.


Mike Farrell

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