How dare you

Dear MRFF,

You thin skinned pussies need to get a life. If someone is “offended” by a nativity scene the scene doesn’t need to come down, the “offended” needs to either seek mental health counseling or just kill themselves. You worthless piles of shit need to understand that this country has freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. What a bunch of worthless little babies, I hope you all die a fiery painful death.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

As a Christian (Episcopalian in fact) who fully supports Mikey’s and MRFF’s attempt to protect members of the U.S. Military from unconstitutional religious influence in relation to their training, assignment, advancement and retention, I feel the true love and warmth of your ‘Christian’ values and brotherhood.

There is nothing daring about MRFF’s actions on behalf of our clients because we act on clear Constitutional principles. Just as there are time/place/manner restrictions on free-speech (i.e. no campaigning in close proximity to polling places), there are time/place/manner restrictions on religious freedoms. Particularly those supported by taxpayer funded government interests. Where a Chapel is present on a military installation, that is the proper time/place/manner for religious displays. MRFF feels the same about displays from any religion on military installations…not just my chosen religion of Christianity and or our vast majority status.

As a friendly observation, you would probably do well to avoid calling anyone a ‘baby’ when throwing such a hissy-fit of a tantrum as you’ve done in your thoughtful email.

Peace be with you and Merry Christmas,
Andy Kasehagen

p.s. Here is the Interfaith Calendar of Religious Holidays for 2013 ( Since you are so very concerned for religious freedom (… and I’m sure it doesn’t only apply to freedom for your own faith since that would make you a hypocrite, heaven forbid…), maybe you should initiate an effort for religious displays honoring the dates on this Interfaith Calendar at any location you chose at all of our military installations? Please keep me informed of your efforts should you chose to undertake such an endeavor.

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