I’m In Uniform, Do You Not Support Me

Good evening,

I have been in the Military for nearly 35 years now. I’m a Christian and I like Christian decorations as well as those of other religions because it makes things special. I don’t force MY decorations on anyone yet, you and your organization are trying to take them away from me.

You really need to take a poll here on Guantanamo Bay and get a “true” picture of what people really want and just how accommodating people are to others. There are plenty of decorations of all faiths. NONE have been denied. One is NOT favored over another.

Even on your website, you state you protect people who are deemed “Not Christian Enough”. Sorry but, that’s basically a slam against Christianity isn’t it??

I have people of various faiths working for me and I DO NOT treat them differently because of this and I value this diversity highly!! I take you saying that as a direct insult. Do I now sue you because you’ve violated my freedoms with respect to allowing me to practice my open and accommodating views while serving my country??

GTMO is a Community and a family. I don’t see anyone denying anyone freedoms by saying “NO”. There are simply a select few who are choosing to deny others their freedoms by speaking out and hiring organizations like yours.

I’m in the Military and it’s well within my rights to say that I truly don’t need you nor do I like you trying to interfere with mission accomplishment. Which is also why I’m doing this at HOME in my personal time without compromising others by doing this on my Active Duty “work” time.

It’s a sad day when ALL cannot practice their religion freely due to meddling organizations.

I hope whatever religion you are, you have a very blessed season and can find it in your hearts to truly accept everyone.

(name withheld)


You have laid the claim that holiday decorations from many faiths are being prominently displayed at GTMO. If this is true, I would genuinely appreciate seeing evidence to support your claim. We have received photographs of Christian decorations in the form of a nativity scene and banners, and for some reason, no other holiday decorations. Your position that we are in some way attacking Christian celebrations is made all the more dubious by the fact that of the 18 service members that came to us requesting our intervention, 11 are practicing Christians. These Christian men and women felt that the government endorsement of Christianity at your installation was so pungent as to violate the Constitutionally mandated government neutrality in matters of religion.

Our actions in all cases are at the direction of our clients, not the other way around. If you view our actions as a sleight against Christianity, how do you explain the behavior of those 11 men and women that called on us to assist them in removing religious displays that represented their own religion?

You have misinterpreted material from our website as well. We do not protect people who “are not Christian enough.” We protect people who are deemed “not Christian enough” by Dominionist superiors. It is the stance of the MRFF that the spiritual decisions of service members should not be a determinant in any assessment. You seem to agree with that position, and for that we are grateful. Unfortunately you do not represent every leader in our military. Many of your peers use their authority to apply unlawful pressure to convert to a given faith. The overwhelming majority of cases we deal with involve Dominionist Christians.

Of course, if we exclusively dealt with Christian leaders overstepping their bounds we could rightfully be labeled as bigots. But again, that is not the case. Several months ago we intervened on behalf of a Christian service member who had been experiencing a hostile work environment due to the actions of an atheist superior. In this case it was a bumper sticker that was explicitly hostile towards the Christian religion accompanied by disparaging remarks. We took the case, and took it happily, because no warrior should have their fundamental beliefs scrutinized by their superiors.

If you feel that you are being singled out and can present an honest case to support your claim, we would be more than happy to take you on as a client as well. Before putting too much time into that endeavor, please understand the difference between genuine oppression, and a reduction in privilege to the point of equality.

Merry Christmas,

Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President

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