Nativity Scene

Nativity scene removed from base…………. WOW. Are you people for real? The scene represents Christmas. Thats it !!!!! Nothing more or less. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head to force them into religion. This “mickey mouse” organization is nothing more than a way for “thin-skinned” Mikey to line his pockets. He obviously surrounds himself with idiots (thats you Bekki) to advance his personal agenda. I have news for all you sapps. This only is making the SILENT MAJORITY stronger and united. It’s a matter of time before all you pathetic, fraud committing thiefs, who are throwing yer weight around get pushed back. Its gonna happen………………
And give Mikey a message for me;


I’ve been asked to respond on behalf of Mikey, Bekki, and the rest of MRFF:

If you had more than two neurons actually firing inside your skull, you just might be dangerous.

In other words, the nativity wasn’t required to be moved off base. It was required to be moved to a constitutionally appropriate venue, such as the base chapel.

The rest of your rant suggests you don’t believe Christ is the reason for Christmas. Perhaps you believe Mickey Mouse is?

As for the gun to someone’s head, perhaps you never heard of death by friendly fire. At least one proud atheist was so murdered, quite possibly out of religious discrimination. Other non-Christians have been brutalized quite clearly for not being Christian, while the vast majority (MAJORITY, mind you) who come t MRFF for help against religious discrimination — 96% of the tens of thousands — do so because others in their chains of command decided they just weren’t Christian enough.

Perhaps you, too, would be targeted, had you ever served. Your lack of notice that the nativity is all about Jesus might very well make you stand out as “not Christian enough”, too.

I suggest you think, read, and learn about the situation. Seriously.

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