Nativity Scene Entertainment in GTMO

Mikey & Carol:

You may have won the galley battle but we WON THE WHOLE WAR!! The Nativity Scene may have been moved but it is currently UP AND IN PLAIN SIGHT and where MORE PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY SEE IT!! AND, I have that very picture pinned so that I can wear it on ALL of my shirts and I will wear it everyday all over the ENTIRE base!!

So, the joke is on you!! Sorry to tell you but as a GREAT LAWYER once said…”YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”!!

Thanks for the ENTERTAINMENT!!


Dear (name withheld),

Mikey has read your email and asked me to respond.

Sorry this is so late. We were swamped with emails like yours that were lied to by the media.

Moving the Nativity scene to its proper place where “it is currently UP AND IN PLAIN SIGHT and where MORE PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY SEE IT!!” was our idea.

I see you are overwhelmed with joy by this so I guess we aren’t so stupid.

It looks like the joke is on your for failing to understand that we were the ones behind everyone being able to see it.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Pastor Joan

MRFF Advisory Board member


I guess that you are STILL the STUPID ones. As you all suggested, it was put at the Chapel where it was hidden in a corner outside the doors and not even plugged in. Therefore, all you succeeded in doing was hiding it from the Island Community.

We, on the other hand, displayed it in PLAIN SIGHT near the Community Center for ALL to enjoy. Then, we advertised where it was displayed it so that everyone could come by and see it unlike you, who stuffed it in a non-lit corner and told nobody where to find it.

See, it doesn’t really matter to us (GTMO residents) what you think or do. Our jobs here are to see to the needs of the GREATER GOOD…and we did just that. You guys think that you can come here and write your meaningless articles and that you have it all correct but until you live here and are a part of this community, as I am, then you do NOT understand anything at all.

Trust me when I say, your 18 CHICKEN LITTLES, are NOT the majority of this VERY UNITED Community…and, their sky may be falling before they know it. They are hiding behind your skirt tails because they know that we, the Military, have a way of dealing with our own…it is called the UCMJ…and they have violated it!!

I DARE THEM TO MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN…there are MANY here that would LOVE to have them dealt with!!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for all of the information in your email rant! We will definitely use it!

You can’t blame us for the Chaplain being the STUPID one by hiding it in a corner and not plugging in it. We didn’t stuff it in a non-lit corner and told nobody where to find it. YOUR CHAPLAIN DID THAT. This is total projection.

Placing it near the Community Center is still against military regs. Again, thanks!

We will be forwarding on your email to the Pentagon to alert them of the hostile and retaliatory environment towards the 18 CHICKEN LITTLES at GTMO – according to you. Be prepared to be interrogated as to who wants to do this. You’ll have to cough up the names of superior officers, too. Taking matters into your own hands IS against UCMJ.

What those 18 soldiers did is well within their rights under the Constitution, military law and the Supreme Court findings.

If any of them are dealt with in your close community, we will hear about it and act accordingly.

We have Jones Day as attorneys. Jones Day is an international law firm headquartered in Washington D.C. (just a hop and skip from the Pentagon). The firm currently has 37 offices worldwide and employs over 2,400 lawyers, making it the third largest law firm in the world.

We will protect those soldiers at all costs and your email will be the “heads up” on retaliation that may take place on GTMO. The fact that you know this will take place beforehand makes you the star witness.

We won’t dare you to make yourself known because you already did it in your email.

Good day.

Pastor Joan
MRFF Advisory Board Member

OK Betty,

Since you can’t even get my name right you must NOT know me as well as you would like to think.

As for the Nativity Scene, it was VERY MUCH ENJOYED…THANKS!!

FYI…the Military makes it a part of its mission to defend the ‘Religious Freedoms’ of ALL. But, MY Religious Freedom does NOT need to be pushed aside in order to carry out this mission.

You may send my e-mail to whomever you choose as it was NOT hostile and it did not create a hostile environment. Yes, I said that people would “like to deal with” these 18 folks, that was neither a threat nor was it illegal…’dealing’ with people/issues does NOT neccesarily mean there needs to be violence. I “like to deal with” any number of things in life but I do so WITHOUT violence. Therefore, saying “to deal with” does NOT equal a threat.

Unfortunately, the actions of these 18 could lead to NO celebrations allowed here in GTMO and that would be an injustice for the Military and the Military Families stationed here, especially since they are so far away from home. People NEED to step back and take a look at the bigger picture before they go off half cocked!! Sometimes tolerence is a better virtue.

The bottom line is, these 18 did NOT have the backbone to make their wishes known in the first place. And now, they are hiding behind the whole hoopla that you have caused.

Had they gone thru the appropriate channels that the Military has put into place then they would have been heard and most likely there would have been the same results, without the unrest.

So, I suggest that you do as we have here in GTMO…MOVE ON.

OVER and OUT!!

(name withheld)

Ok (name withheld),

I know your name. I changed it because you believe like a Melissa that Christians are in the majority and can do basically anything they want, wherever they want.

“Weinstein said one service member who brought the issue up with a superior officer was told, “We don’t need any troublemakers here. Why don’t you just go over to Subway?

Guantanamo’s dining choices also include KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Taco Bell, said Weinstein, locations where service members have been told to eat if they are uncomfortable with the Christmas decorations in the galleys.”

So you see, a complaint was made and met with indifference, so they contacted us.

“Both Nativity scenes will be moved to the courtyard of the base chapel, said Kelly Wirfel, a spokeswoman for Capt. John Nettleton, commander of the base in southeastern Cuba.

The displays were set up by foreign contractors who manage the two dining facilities…”

“The spirit of the Navy’s policy on this is, if it’s religious, it goes to the chapel,” Nettleton told the Miami Herald after a day of controversy. “It’s more appropriate there.”

Capt. J.R. Nettleton, commander of this Navy base, agreed with us. Seeing as you disagree with this, I suggest you go complain to him.

“there are MANY here that would LOVE to have them dealt with!!”

You can spin your words any way you want but only time will tell if they are innocent. If they are singled out, retaliated in any way, or harmed ,we will take appropriate action because your words deem those events as premeditated.

No one is stopping you or GTMO from celebrating our Christian holidays. As Nettleton stated if it’s religious, it goes to the chapel. Not in common areas.

We do send out information to whomever we want and an email blast went out yesterday – all over the world to many bases where we have MRFF representatives – containing your comments.

Christmas is over and it is time to move on.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Joan

MRFF Advisory Board Member

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