Just saw Mikey Weinstein on O’Reilly, good job.

I was watching because I always watch The Factor and am an O’Reilly fan. But when it comes to separation of Church and State he plays dumb. Personally as a Jew, I understand and accept that in my country, the U.S., which is nearly 80% Christian it has been and is tradition to prioritize and infuse Christianity in public life. I understand how religion is core to many people’s identity and is part of their lives and in a country a group which was the super-super majority in the founding and early development and still accounts for nearly 80% of the population naturally incorporates and wants to incorporate their religion in the national community. I understand, accept this.

What disappoints me about O’Reilly on this issue, on Christianity in America, is that he chooses, pretends, not to recognize there is a flip side. And the flip side is well known, the Separation of Church and State in our Constitution. And it is equally well-known the conflict of action versus the Constitution; the mention of God, the Creator, “In God We Trust,” “So help you God,” In our Declaration of Independence, on our money, on the wall above our Judges, in the swearing in of our President. O’Reilly has even said on his program that Christianity is not a religion, it is a philosophy. Technically if this is true, if this is true, O’Reilly would have scorned any guest or anyone he was commenting on if they applied the same wordsmithing to whatever agenda they were supporting.

I really which O’Reilly had, or rather using his own words, “wasn’t a coward,” wasn’t manipulative, and would present on his program: There are two sides to this issue, both are understandable, they are…, and I side with X because…

I understand both sides of the abortion issue, and by understand I don’t mean I am aware of, I mean I understand both sides rationale and why both sides believe their view is correct, and I don’t think either side are either mean or dumb. I think certain issues are very difficult and there is valid contrasting views, abortion is one such issue, religion is one. Even though a fan of O’Reilly and his program, I’m always disappointed how he purposely discusses this issue as a child (not a simple man, but a child) and pretends to be so innocent about the issue, and I’m a Jew, a proud Jew, who also understands the natural tendency in a country that is 80% Christian to display Christian imagery in the public square.

And unless O’Reilly was an on the ground battlefield under fire war reporter “with a pen” in four wars, his mentioning covering four wars “with a pen” in the same breath as being in the military s embarrassing. It’s right up there with Kanye West equating being an on-stage music performer is just like being a policeman.

Well done,

(name withheld)

Hello Mr. Solomon,

Mikey Weinstein asked that we get back to you to convey his profound appreciation for your support. If only others showed such concern about the ongoing assaults on our freedoms which are committed by these hypocrites, we might be able to firmly reestablish the long-destroyed “wall” separating church and state. We were disappointed by O’Reilly’s performance on the show, which to some of us seemed to boil down to lowest-common denominator pandering to his base moreso than religious zeal.

Our simple goal is to prevent the backwards forces of Christian fundamentalist extremism from hijacking the United States armed forces for the purpose of advancing their exclusivist religious agenda, which of course contradicts the remaining Constitutional guarantees of freedom which are presently under assault. Those we are fighting against certainly would like to see a return to the religion-guided Crusades of the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.

Gregg, please keep in touch, and please also consider making a donation on our secure website – and please also forward this email on. We need this assistance now more than ever because the bigots, fundamentalist extremists, and Bible-thumping “End Timers” are well-financed, in addition to holding influential and powerful positions in state and media organizations. This is a bruising, ongoing struggle and there’s so much more that we could do with additional funding. Please make a donation today, or visit our Help Build the Wall site to pledge a donation and get a custom commemorative brick placed on our virtual wall separating church and state.

Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Promotion & Outreach Team
13170-B Central Avenue, SE Suite 255
Albuquerque, NM 87123
(800)736-5109 extension 4
[email protected]

Please make a tax-deductible donation to MRFF: helpbuildthewall.org

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