Religious Freedom

Dear MRFF,

I hope you will pass this on to whoever runs this awful organization. The name needs to be changed because this is not about religious freedom at all. It’s about trashing Christians and preventing people to honor or pray to God which we have every right to do! This is no better than the ACLU both of which I am very sure will be spending eternity in hell. You see I am not military but I am a Christian and when these people in the military are defending our rights to freedom, you are trying to take it away. Also may of these people risk their lives every day and need and want to make peace with God so they can spend eternity in heaven. This is another bunch of crap from Obama who should have been impeached a long time ago. I wasn’t stupid enough to vote for him. I really hope to see you all down on bended knee before Christ when he comes back. You may not think he is but I am sure of it. What if you are wrong? If I am wrong nothing will happen other than disappointment. But if you are wrong well it’s going to be too late then and rightly so. Shame on this organization for taking away our rights to our faith. The constitution says freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Things will change some after Obama is out which won’t be soon enough because everyone is pretty much sick of him and his lies so hopefully you will all be out of a job.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey has received your message and has asked me to respond.

I do hope that you aren’t having any trouble praying or honoring your God. One of the more interesting sermons I heard while a young man in church was on the topic of prayer. My pastor told us that we could pray anywhere at anytime and nobody could stop us! All we had to do was think about what we wanted to tell the big man up stairs, and he would hear it. I thought that was a pretty cool thing at the time. While I am no longer religious, I am often vexed by complaints of people claiming that someone is stopping them from praying. Are you being given mind altering drugs? Is someone playing music so loudly that you cannot control your thoughts? Has a government organization developed a prayer blocking device that prevents your God from hearing you call out to him from within? I really would like to know.

On the other hand, I have often heard complaints that putting an end to forced participation in religious ceremonies is a problem. Can you not pray unless you are forcing everyone around to you to participate in your religion? Is there a multiplicative effect during group prayer which allows the already omniscient God a level of super omniscience? This throws me off again because I don’t understand how an all-knowing God could somehow know more under one circumstance than another. Maybe someone could conduct an experiment on prayer to see how powerful it is when conducted in groups or alone…like this one! (spoiler alert: there’s no difference whatsoever)

Another failure in your message is your invention of a relationship between Obama and the MRFF. In reality, there is precisely none. I actually concur that there are many ways in which Obama could serve us better. I even gave a short speech on the topic a few months ago if you’d care to watch. The audio isn’t the best, but if you turn it up I’m sure you’ll be able to get the gist of it.

You’ve asked a silly question in your e-mail that has been asked more times than it deserves. The “what if you’re wrong about Jesus” question is commonly referred to as Pascal’s Wager. In response, I’d like to ask you a question. What if you’re wrong about Vishnu, Buddah, Mohammed, Thor, Zeus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Ba,
Amen-Ra, Aegir, Aclla, Hoa-Tapu, Darago, Wananikwe, Xibalba, Apollo, Caliope, Agrios, Re, Sakhmet, Alkaia, Geryon, Haides, Hera, Cerberus, Argus, Artemis, Athena, Bacchus, Anubis, Aphrodite, Agni, Chronos, Fenrir, Hercules, Odin….etc? Because if you are you’ll end up spending an eternity in tuonela or the Netherworld or Uffern or Peklo or manala or Gimokodan or Kalichi or Naraka or Hetgwauge or Kuzimu or Shobari Waka or Metnal or Tartarus or….you get the picture, right?

There are thousands of gods that you do not believe in with thousands of corresponding versions of hell. You don’t believe in any of those gods and you don’t fear their versions of damnation. In that sense you are already an atheist thousands of times over. The only difference is I disbelieve in one more god than you.


Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of West Point Affairs

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