Shaw AFB

Good job. You should be proud. Your ideas of religious freedoms means no
religious freedoms at all. If it was a Muslim scene, would you be so
quick to act? The only infringement is for those that fear religious
belief, and do all that they can to remove it. You are compared with
Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, and so many more. Pure socialist,
fascist, and Nazi. Oh, but remember, you have your convictions, in order
to usurp someone else’s.

(name withheld)


I know it scares the hell out of you!!!!!

Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for your congratulations on our job well done. We are proud
> of the work we do and the servicmen and women we help in their mission
> to uphold this great nation’s constitution every day.
> It’s certainly true that we have no problems with Muslim service
> members expressing their faith. However it’s also true that we fully
> and passionately defend the rights of Christians to express
> their faith…in the appropriate (legally and ethically) time place
> and manner. We can only be compared to the draconian lens ngs of
> governments you listed by individuals that do not understand that
> freedom for one requires freedom for all. In regard to the issue at
> hand this requires that our government does not endorse any
> theological ideas whatsoever. Our constitution prohibits our
> government from meddling in the affairs of spirituality in any way,
> and endorsing one religion, regardless of its popularity, above all
> others violates that prohibition.
> I hope this clears things up for you.
> Merry Christmas and God bless!
> Blake A. Page
> Military Religious Freedom Foundation
> Special Assistant to the President
> Director of West Point Affairs

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