Stands against religion are really not hard to understand

For decades I have met folks like Mike who work hard to remove religion from the public square. But unless he is the first exception, all worked so hard poking every stick they could into the eye of God in an attempt to spark a response from him. Actually one I did meet a few years back probably did so as much to make money and fame, but the others, pokes to elicit a response they just never heard. For those of us that do believe and have taken the time to read scriptures it is clear God does not respond to such attempts to force communication. I would be Mike responds the very same way!

I am sure Mikey does not see that religious scene at the air force base as a threat to national security but rather a threat to his security. I so see Mikey as an unhappy and lonely man uncomfortable in participating in anything so personal as belief in a father in heaven. I know, I was the same once. But this is not something a big important general would want to admit to. Also sad is the way they create staff around them afraid to offer any comfort or real sharing of the meaning of Christianity and the Jewish faith out of fear for their jobs. Hope some day Mike finds a way home again. Despite all his effort to fight off Christians and Jews, the good ones will welcome him home if he chooses to come home.
Best regards…
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey has read your email and asked me to respond.

It’s very presumptuous of you to think that you know Mikey and the inner workings of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) by trying to weave him into your story telling.

We respond to every email but yours lacked any truth about the MRFF that I was tempted to throw it in the trash bin.

You obviously have fallen for the distortions and lies spewed forth by the media or have failed to even take the smallest step into researching what we really do.

I assume that you are writing about the Nativity scene and I’ll get into that in a minute.

Mikey is Jewish – just like Jesus who was born, raised and died a Jew. He prays 3 times a day.

The MRFF has a Board, Advisory Board, volunteers and supporters of which 75% of us are Christians. We have almost 36,000 soldier clients (1 can represent 50) and 96% of them are Christians. We fight for Christian rights more than any other religion or those of no faith.

Mikey is very happy and we with the MRFF don’t “fear for our jobs.” Most of us don’t get paid because we feel that what the MRFF does is worth our valuable time and effort.

We ONLY act on the complaints we receive from soldiers who see the blatant disregard for the Constitution and military laws on bases. When the command structure oversteps the bounds set by both, we step in.

Your email should have been sent to the Military Times where the soldiers could see how you feel about this situation. You, in your ignorance of all things MRFF, have vented on the wrong person.

The problem with the Nativity scene can be boiled down to one word; PLACEMENT.

Our military is a government entity and must remain secular. All religious holidays, feasts and obligations are to be in the hands of the Chaplains on Chapel grounds. This is legal and we encourage it. The Christians can put up a tree, a Nativity scene and any other decorations they want on their grounds – not just any place on base they want.

A Chaplain was asked why the Nativity scene was placed there. She said because they wanted it on “neutral” ground. That “neutral” ground on base is secular and no religion is allowed to use it for any religious displays.

The Nativity “was not within the vicinity of any chapel and was not part of a scene designed to accommodate all religious preferences, or no preferences, aboard the base.”

The Nativity scene was placed by a lake – not at a designated area – by a “volunteer group” that believed they were above the law by placing it there according to 41 officers at Shaw AFB of which 39 of them are Christians.

As I write this, the Nativity scene is being erected on Chapel grounds where is used to be and where it belongs.

The next time you want to write a sanctimonious diatribe against an organization, please do a little research on it.

Don’t you feel a little silly for writing this now that you have been told the truth and facts? I would.

Pastor Joan
Mrff Advisory Board Member

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