Your self-styled Victory


Before you self-congratulate yourselves on this awful “victory:” on keeping children from seeing (horrors!!!) Jesus in a Manger, I suggest you read the two attachments I am sending.for your perusal.

The first is very deep complex tome written by George Gilder, a sort of jack-of-all trades genius who having written a best-selling book on economics, wrote a brilliant article on the reasons for his progressive misgivings re Evolution as an adequate explanation for Information and how it is found in the living cell titled Evolution and Me.

The second is a extraordinarily well-written description by an individual, a gifted write, of what occurred when he had a cardiac arrest from anphylactic shock. Scroll down to the post written by someone who goes by the username Prophet. Nov 14, 2010, 6:57 PM.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Our victory at Shaw was not the prevention of children from seeing a nativity scene. Our victory at Shaw was a single case in which we contributed to preventing the intimate relationship our government has been having with one favored faith from continuing. While Uncle Sam and the Christian religion have been in a rather steamy and public affair for the past 70 years or so, it’s our goal to prevent that relationship from becoming a marriage.

I took the time to briefly review the two documents you have sent for our edification and found that each is wholly unrelated to anything we concern ourselves with at MRFF. The personal spiritual choices of an individual are just that, personal. We have no desire to interfere in any way with an individual’s beliefs about the origin of the universe or excursions to a tormented afterlife. Our work is in keeping the military out of spiritual matters altogether.

Merry Christmas!

Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of West Point Affairs

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