2/11/14 STARS AND STRIPES – Weinstein: ‘It’s not about eliminating God’

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • WILLIAMSBURG — Michael Weinstein wants to make it clear: He is not waging war against Christians in the military.But he sees himself in an all-out fight against religious intolerance. That has put him at odds with some Christians who, he says, force their views on others and ignore the Constitutional wall separating church and state — a practice particularly troubling in a world where subordinates must follow orders.Weinstein, who goes by “Mikey,” founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. He spoke Monday at the College of William and Mary about his group’s mission and cited examples how spreading a religious message can cross the line.In 2010, the foundation flagged the so-called “Jesus rifles” – references to Bible verses stamped on gun sights being used in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2011, the Air Force suspended an ethics course for nuclear missile launch officers that used Bible passages.
  • “You can’t use your position of military authority to push your religious faith on a helpless subordinate,” he said. “Nor can you mercilessly proselytize the Iraqis, the Afghans and the Pakistanis, which is what we have been doing.”His foundation has some 36,000 clients across the services, military academies and ROTC. He defines clients as those who have contacted him with complaints of being oppressed. Nearly all of them – 96 percent – are mainline Protestants or Catholics, he said.Weinstein has come in for his share of criticism, and he acknowledged that some of his “enemies” were probably in the audience Monday night. But he counts evangelical Christians as friends.”It’s not about eliminating God,” he said. “If that were to happen, we would be in someone’s face in two seconds. It’s about making sure you follow the procedures in deploying your version of God.”Weinstein is an 1977 honor graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He served for more than a decade in the Judge Advocate General Corps and worked in the Reagan administration. He describes himself as a conservative Republican – and a man on a mission.”I’m here trying to spread the gospel of the Constitution,” he said.

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  1. Citizen777

    We can see the immediate effects of Mickey Weinstein’s efforts to remove God and the Judeo-Christian ethos from the military, with the explosion of criminal, unethical and immoral behaviors and cases across the military, that have come to light in all branches, but most notably the Air Force after Weinstein single handedly sought to remove God in policy and practice in 2009, as a result of some mistreatment he received at the academy. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Without the moral compunction that is elicited from true and devout belief and knowledge of a holy God, and which comes through direct knowledge of Christ specifically, people will not have within themselves the rectitude or the supernatural power needed to overcome the temptations that have been unleashed by a wicked demonic, spiritual, anti christ worldly force against mankind, in the final battle of good against evil. The good news is that there is time for man to repent and come back to God for salvation. We will all face God as judge or Heavenly Father and what we did in this life to move forward the Kingdom of Heaven (making things good and right on the earth in accordance with the word of God, expressed in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.) I am not saying every Christian is perfect or that atrocities have not been committed in the name of religion, but I will say those atrocities had nothing to do with true Christianity, our holy God, as espoused by Jesus Christ. News flash: Separation of Church and state is not in the Constitution, but the words in the Constitution actually allow people to express their faith accordingly. Most of the founding fathers were Christians, with more than half actually holding degrees from seminaries or bible colleges. They understand that America as a republic could only succeed with a devout moral people, who adhered to the Judeo-Christian biblical beliefs, and that is why the public school system was started and the bible was the primary reader for children. George Washington advised the indians to embrace the religion of Jesus Christ, and other American customs, to help ensure their happiness.

  2. Irv Weinstien

    NOT a war against Christians? Excuse me Mikey but you yourself said

    I come to you today, and we’re at war. This is not an issue, this is a national security threat. That’s how we view it. There’s very little we can do other than go back into Federal Court and confront this as hard as we can, as powerfully as we can. This is not a small issue, this is essentially the Christian Taliban in our US Military.

    You can’t poop in my soup and tell me it’s a dumpling. Couldn’t you find a more honest way to make a quarter million dollars a year… like a running a septic tank cleaning company, it would be honest work and worthy of your foul mouthed lies and hyperbole

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