I am a combat Marine F4 Pilot- 110 missions out of Chu Lai- mostly CAS- considerable action at close range. I am also an enrolled Sioux Indian from So Dakota. Your over zealous Christians really did a number on us. First you Ban our Religion (Spirituality actually- We base our beliefs on what Benevolent Creator makes- Nature- you believe in what Man states) I know quite a bit about your beliefs as every missionary has tried to convert us. You lobbied Congress to also build a Canton SD Federally staffed All Indian Insane Asylum for mostly our innocent Medicine Men and women almost 200 graves to prove it.. Cunning way to wipe out differing beliefs. You are horribly unconstitutional if you happen to believe in such. You set up Boarding schools to brain wash our Indian youth and consequently you provided a pitiful academic education because your focus was on Jessusss, Jesus. I have 12 brothers and sisters and none were capable of entering college. I was spared from such criminal atrocity and have a J D. I doubt if they would have ever been qualified to fly a F-4 Phantom the premier fighter attack weapon in Vietnam. You also pedophiled our youth and recently your xtian legislators set back the Statue of Limitations to prevent the innocent victims from receiving just monetary compensation. Governor Glenn Rounds, SD, decision after being lobbied by Catholic Bishops. He now is running for Senate. In the military, combat in Vietnam, none of us went to your church services, none of us were promoted or demoted because of our religious beliefs. Now, I understand the military is rife with religious Nut commanders who judge a man on whether he goes to church or not. Such, is causing Innocent servicemen to throw their hands up and quit the military costing untold millions in training loss also making my combat machine deficient and dangerous to fly because of some ill brained Jesus nut putting my electronics together or my ejection seat. Basically, we need you squirrels out of manipulating our military. With the atomic weaponry that we have, only two of you nuts are needed to fulfill Pat Robertsons (The Extreme Nut) hoped for prediction- “A valley shall run with blood,’ and punch off an atomic conflagration. Fanaticism is extremely dangerous- that is one issue the MRFF is focused upon- Thank Creator- if there is one< Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, Oglala Sioux. Please note- I am a truthful, proud warrior. When I issue a statement I have the balls to state my name and post correct e-mail unlike 90% of you gutless untruthful, feeble minded, sheep creeps who blast and run anonymously at MRFF. In the Indian’s mind they are Untruthful and will pay dearly in the Spirit World that awaits. Creator is All truth and All Knowledge in our Sioux beliefs and our Track Record for Truth widely surpasses your pitiful record that cannot qualify for the word – Track Record. Talk about being Doomed- You pitifuls are IT. Damn- I forgot to bring up what your Christian country did to the Jews- WW II. Oh well- Maybe another time.

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