Thank you MRFF!

Dear Mr. Weinstein and MRFF crew,
Due to your perseverance and passion in your work, you have helped preserve our personal rights and dignity here at Little Rock AFB. Our mandatory “Winter Wingman Day” was originally announced with a forced evangelical Christian/God-based religious agenda that fell under a Spiritual/Marriage pillar in which we were required to attend. Several of our Airmen have spoken out against these mandatory requirements, expressing that the Air Force was violating our rights as an Airman, and more importantly as a human being. We sign our lives away to the United States of America to ensure our civil liberties remain always free from tyranny and oppression. We do this because we love our country and our people, and should not have our rights removed from us from within our own nation we choose to defend. Unfortunately, many leaders can still forget our core values in which we live by, one of which is Integrity; and an individual with true integrity will not force their subordinates to attend a class of a select denomination belief system that is unfair to all. We are a melting pot in which individuals come from all nations, races, ages, and beliefs, and it is integral everyone is treated fairly and equally. In the past, military members have been reprimanded for speaking up against certain agendas that involve religion in the military, which has caused later cases to be swept under the rug due to fear of reprisal. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is our middle-man in which military members can anonymously report violations of religious freedoms, with a strong voice that results in fairness to all without discipline given to the reporting individuals. You guys are a true definition of freedom defenders and hopefully others in the future will see what great work you have done and will be able to seek your assistance in these difficult cases. However, I hope for a day where we do not require the need of an outside service in order to preserve our personal rights and freedoms. Thank you!

(name withheld)
Little Rock AFB, 19 OSS

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