NEWSHOUNDS – Peter Johnson Jr. Pimps National Day Of Prayer In Thinly Veiled Hit Piece on Mikey Weinstein

Selected Article Excerpt:

As the defender of the Christian (conservative that is, none of that gay accepting liberal Protestant apostasy) faith, Fox News has no qualms about attacking those who dare to push back against those who don’t believe in the separation of church and state. Meanwhile, the revere any group that supports the First Amendment rights of Christians. In smearing “atheist” groups who oppose what they believe are unconstitutional Christian incursions into the public square, Fox is able to promote their popular godless atheists are destroying this “Christian nation” meme. Along with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and its head, Mikey Weinstein are targets of Fox’s righteous Christian wrath. Last Friday, Megyn Kelly did a hit piece on Weinstein over his group’s objection to uniformed military at National Day of Prayer ceremonies. Saturday, Fox & Friends picked up the ball and ran with it.

The piece was part of the patented Fox & Friends “Fight for Faith” series. Fox friend, Roger Ailes’ consigliore, litigator for the NY Catholic archdiocese and, ta, da, Catholic Knight of Malta Peter Johnson Jr. described, while images of praying people were shown, the awesome National Day of Prayer which, did ya know, has been recognized by every president since Truman. He reported that “an atheist group”  (It’s a First Amendment group that takes cases on behalf of non-Christians and non-evangelical Christians who feel that their right are being violated.) has “demanded that the military retreat from taking part in that ceremony, the same military that fights for religious freedom across the globe.” (Oh, noooo) He introduced his guest – no, not Mikey Weinstein – who is also vice-chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force so you know it’s going to be “fair & balanced,” right?

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