5/22/14 ESQUIRE – The War Being Waged On Religious Freedom In The Military

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  • The military and religion do not mix, nor should they. When a religious man has power over another, and therefore has the ability to force his views, the intent of the Founding Fathers is betrayed. Any who advocate for military preaching are betraying our nation’s Founding Fathers. Of course, that goes both ways.
  • And now we are witnessing a sickening trend. Whereas I once put a stop to an atheist effectively proselytizing a few decades ago, now there are religious groups actively seeking to “convert” people in the US military, and they are making a full-court press. Especially in the US Air Force.Enter the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, created by Mikey Weinstein, an honor graduate of the US Air Force Academy himself and former White House counsel to President Ronald Reagan, who when he learned that his two Jewish cadet sons were facing unspeakable anti-Semitism, including being called “fking Jew” and being told that they were ultimately complicit in and responsible for the execution of Jesus Christ, decided something needed to be done about that.
  • Since then Mikey and his foundation have helped a huge number of servicemen who have experienced religious discrimination of one sort or another within the US military, a branch of the US government. Typical of the hate mail Mikey gets (did I mention he is a veteran, the son of a veteran, the father of two veterans, and father-in-law to two more?) is this screed from a religious person who claims to believe in the Prince of Peace, Tell me, does this look like a message Jesus, a Jewish man, would approve of?
    • Subject: The Number One Enemy of the United States of AmericaMr. Mikey Weinstein you are the Number One Enemy of America. You don’t deserve American citizenship. You deserve no safety nor sanctuary. You should be hunted down like an animal with rabies..
  • Well done nice Christian. Want to see more loving Christians wishing this Jewish man and his family “Happy Holocaust Day” and the like? It is all right here. Is there any wonder why the Founding Fathers said, “no” to religion? And now we have this. No, politicians are now arguing that military leaders, with the power of life and death in their hands, should be able to tell subordinates about their religion. Even the Chief of Staff of the Air Force has problems with this.
    • “Welsh’s irritation underscored the pressure the Air Force is under from Republicans in Congress, evangelical Christians and conservative advocacy groups to end what they allege is the service’s suppression of religious freedom. Their charge isn’t new, but the target is: a regulation designed to prevent religious bias by barring commanders and other leaders from “the actual or apparent use of their positions to promote their religious convictions to their subordinates.”

    Now Mikey and his non-profit charitable foundation need help. They have had successes, actually quite a lot of them, helping more than [37,000] Servicemen of all denominations. They are constantly being called upon to go to bat for those who cannot. These are the people who know the military well, and understand what “command influence” really means in the military, but now they are scraping the barrel. See what they have done in the past. I only suggest that you go to their site and give your support.

    Me? I was raised Catholic but more recently have followed, alternately, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the faith of Dudeism. I alternate, and neither group seems to mind, funny enough. I do not care what religion, or lack of a religion, any soldier, sailor, airman or marine follows. But what I do care about is my nation, and our military, and making sure that nobody who has the power of giving orders that may involve life and death, is issuing those orders based upon the religion of those who must follow the orders.

    Religion and military service should be mutually exclusive.

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