FEATURED INBOX POST – Fundamentalism in the Special Operations Forces

Mr. Weinstein:

I’ve been following your admirable efforts to resist the Dominionist takeover of the military for a good 10 years now.

As a writer on military subjects, I have opportunity to do interviews with people for the magazines I write for.  Many of them assume that because I write for such publications as (publication withheld), and am a military history book author, that I must be a fellow right-winger.  Such has definitely not been the case since my participation in the (Alleged) Tonkin Gulf (non) Incident, the lie that started the Vietnam War.  However, I don’t correct their misapprehensions, since that way I hear things I might not otherwise.

I am sure as someone involved with the Iran-Contra Hearings, that you are familiar with the name Richard Secord.  I have found while writing two different articles on the history of AF Spec Ops, that many of them (including current active duty personnel) consider Secord their “spiritual leader,” a pretty dangerous situation when one considers he appears to think the Constitution is toilet paper on which he can wipe his ass with impunity.  I also have heard people in Spec Ops call themselves “Christian warriors against the heretics.”  They see the current military-political situation as a return to the Crusades, with themselves as the new Knights Templar or Knights Hospitalers.

Friends of mine in the Navy tell me that the SEALs are nearly all Dominionist Fundamentalists.  When SEAL Team Six went in to kill Bin Laden, I am told they had a warriors prayer, that sounded like something one would expect to hear just before the Battle of Jerusalem in 1099.

Consider that the former head of US Special Operations was LGEN Jerry Boykin, who was dismissed for advocating for fundamentalist anti-muslim beliefs while in uniform, who is now a Vice President of the Family Research Council.  I have a friend, a retired US Army Ranger, who changed his political views after retiring and getting an education, who told me that throughout the 1970s and 1980s Christian Fundamentalism grew till it was practically the “state religion” in the Rangers.

If there is one area where a Dominionist subversion of the military seems most dangerous, it would be in the Special Operations Forces.  It’s easy to see how it would happen – they see themselves as an elite, one the front lines against the godless heathen Muslims, and they have a long history of operating outside the law in response to a “higher calling.”  They would certainly seem to me to be the one branch of the military most capable of staging a coup, and since they are from USAF/USA/USN/USMC they have influence out of proportion to their relative size.

No one says anything about this, even when a guy like Boykin stands right in front of them and makes no bones at all about what he really believes as a Christian Fascist.   I don’t know what someone can do, I doubt anyone goes into those forces now who isn’t already committed to Dominionism or a willing prospect, so I don’t see where MRFF could mount any lawsuits, but something has to be done.  These people really are a cancer, and right close to the political heart.

Best regards for your good work,

(name withheld)

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