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Do any of you understand what kind of low life human beings you actually are?

To impose YOUR beliefs on the military is just as much a violation of the “establishment clause” as you complain about all the time. As a matter of FACT it is MORE a violation of the establishment clause since you are attempting to force those in the military to have NO religion whatsoever, which is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
There is absolutely NOTHING in the Constitution that says that those in the military cannot be allowed access to ANY religious materials just because a few anti-religious bigots don’t want them to. And there is NOTHING in the Constitution that says that a “lodge” can’t have a Bible to the exclusion of any other reading material, or that having a Bible in a lodge is any kind of violation whatsoever, other than to your own personal hatred for those that believe in a God or higher power.
And also, if you would READ the Constitution instead of attacking those that have religious beliefs,, and the First Amendment actually ALLOWS those in the military to have the FREEDOM of religion. Neither the Constitution nor the Uniform Code of Military Justice says that those in the military cannot have access nor speak on their personal religious beliefs, despite the dishonest garbage you put out.
These people are putting their LIVES ON THE LINE for this nation, and unfortunately, for you. And you pieces of garbage actually want to prevent them to have the right to have access to a military Chaplain of their beliefs, to gather with others of their belief, or to even have something as simple as a Bible that YOU don’t believe in anyway. Simply because even though you are too COWARDLY to defend this nation with your life yourself, you feel you have the right to impose YOUR anti-religious beliefs on those that do.
I spent 22 years on active duty with the ABSOLUTE knowledge that if I felt the need for a Chaplain for any reason, be it religious, counselling, get religious material, or simply to speak to privately, that there was one available. You jerks want to take that RIGHT away from everyone because of your own stupid BIGOTRY.
You’re disgusting beyond words with your propaganda, hatred, and trash.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Or may I refer to you as (name withheld)?

First I would like to thank you for writing using your real name. That indicates to me, and many others at MRFF, that you truly believe what you are writing and may be open to a dialogue of some sort. I certainly hope that is the case as I am writing this without jest or snark of any kind.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation was founded to protect the Constitution. It is filled with a diverse group of individuals of many varying faiths. In fact many active Christian pastors sit on the Advisory Board. There is no one in the organization who believes that service members should be denied their Constitutional rights to freely practice their religion. If any of those people be hiding within the midst of MRFF they would be quickly ferreted out and given the boot.

96% of our over 37,000 clients are in fact Christians. They are Christians who are persecuted by other Christians for being the “wrong kind of Christian.” These persecutions typically come from higher ranking officers, command and institutional level regulations, and overzealous chaplains who refuse to make their beliefs attractive enough to allow people to come to them. Instead they force it on others. These radical extremist Christians prey upon those under their charge and proselytize them against their will, abusing the power structure of rank and the chain of command.

I know first hand. It happened to me. I became a client of MRFF in 2012. Without this organization I would surely have lost my career because I refused to back down and give up my Constitutional rights. But MRFF stepped in and protected me from an overzealous command structure. So I now work for them to help others in the same situation.

The Constitution most certainly allows individuals to have a freedom to express their religion, but the establishment clause comes first. And wording, in the legal framework, and its placement is of paramount importance. The establishment clause clearly states that there can be no establishment of a religion. It precedes the free exercise clause and therefore legally supercedes it. This means that the US Military cannot push one religion over another and technically cannot push any religion. Nor can the officers. Nor the enlisted. This does not prohibit them from exercising their rights in their free time, during liberty, praying prior to chow, attending religious services, or even reading their religious book of choice during a break. What it does prohibit is individuals (and the military structure as a whole) pursuing a course of action that places pressure on individuals and service members to acquiesce to one particular brand.

There are a minority of people in the United States that believe in something called “Dominion Theology”. I urge you to look it up. They may only make up about 10% of the US Population – but that is a staggering number, over 30 million. And these people have infected the ranks of the Chaplaincy. A vast number of evangelical chaplains (which comprise 70% of the chaplaincy) fall under and believe in this “dominion theology”. A perfect example is a crazy man named Gordon Klingenschmitt. He retired from the US Navy and was a Chaplain. He says some of the most vile, evil, and disgusting things (on youtube no less) as a representative of Christ. And he’s now running for office.

The Bibles in the hotels did violate the establishment clause. It may seem like a slap in the face but it is not. Unless the hotel operated in a manner where they provided qurans, gospel of the flying spaghetti monster, the god delusion, buddhist writings, taoist writings, wiccan holy books, etc then they would be in violation of that Establishment Clause we hold in such high regard. It would just be untenable to sustain such a level of support for religious equality since the hotel is owned and operated by the US Government. The key rule of thumb when referencing the government’s involvement in religion is “all or nothing.”

I hope this clears up your concerns and if it does not please reach back out to me. I will respond respectfully and hope you do so as well.

Very Respectfully,
Paul Loebe
Special Projects Manager
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Chicago, IL

*Disclaimer: Although I am a Marine Staff Sergeant I do not speak on behalf of the Department of Defense, United States Marine Corps, or any affiliated branches.*

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