I am a veteran and supporter of MRFF and of Mikey’s dogged efforts to limit incursion by the religious right into the military.

That said, I am embarrassed by the annual “MRFF again nominated for the Peace Prize”. For the 7th time?

Please stop being disengenuous!

(name withheld)

Good Afternoon, (name withheld) –

Mikey Weinstein has received and read your email, and he has asked me to respond. Like you, I am a veteran and supporter of MRFF. I am also a lifelong, committed, and active Christian.

And also like you, I greatly appreciate and admire “Mikey’s dogged efforts to limit incursion by the religious right into the military.” He is truly a force of nature, and also one of the most honorable men that I’ve ever known.

I have to admit that I am confused by your criticism of the mention about the Nobel Peace Prize nominations that MRFF has received over the years. There is nothing disingenuous in that statement — on the contrary, it is absolutely the truth. Please note that no one is saying that MRFF has received the award, but the seven nominations are legitimate… and in my own opinion, very well-deserved.

As I am sure you know, the forces that are aligned against MRFF’s efforts (and similar efforts by like-minded organizations fighting for Constitutional protections), are incredibly daunting and aggressive. In response to this near-constant barrage of vitriol and threats, the level of commitment that is required of Mikey, and his entire family, is beyond anything that I think most people would be willing to make. But despite the unfair (and too often misleading or dishonest) attacks on the goals of MRFF and on Mikey’s character, he soldiers on because he believes unequivocally that the goals and mission of MRFF are right and just. Personally, I’m proud and happy to stand with him in opposition to the Dominionist forces that would infringe on the Constitutional rights of US military members.

So yes, MRFF has been nominated seven times for the Nobel Peace Prize. And if there is justice in our world, it won’t be long before the award is given to such a worthy organization.

Thanks for writing.


Mike Challman

Christian, AF Veteran, MRFF Supporter

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