Good for you guys!

As a Vietnam-era veteran, married to another Vietnam vet, I fully support your campaign. Back when we were in, we experienced no pressure to conform to any given religious group. He was a diminishing Baptist (diminished pretty much to nothing in ‘Nam) and I was a…nothing, exactly, though brought up Episcopalian. We were let alone. We’re now both church members but I believe firmly that the current hate-filled right-wing “Christianity” isn’t the real thing. (We’re also living proof that it doesn’t take constant nagging and scolding by evangelicals for someone to choose their belief system.) I don’t want a theocracy in this country–of any religion. (Personal opinion–worst thing that happened to Christianity was Constantine’s conversion…it should never have been a state religion.)

Anyway. Yes, I made a contribution. I had already been protesting the intrusion of religion where it shouldn’t be for some years, including letters to my (useless damn right-wing Republican) Congresscritter. (One of those who never served, but faithfully wraps himself in the flag-plus-cross every election season.) I don’t find that keeping religion on one side and citizenship on the other is a hardship or any “attack” on my religious beliefs. Religious fervor is as dangerous as a rattlesnake bite–more so, because it spreads like brushfire and snakes bite one person at a time.


(name withheld)

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