Ohio Air National Guard – Actions of National Guard Commander Col. Craig R. Baker

Governor Kasich,

I read a recent call to action by the American Liberty Association (ALA) attacking the actions of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and the proper response by Ohio National Guard Commander Col. Craig R. Baker. The ALA’s logic is horrifyingly twisted, but not unusual. It misuses the banner of religious liberty to co-opt the command structure of the military in order to proselytize its brand of religion. The ALA tactic in fact abuses those who desire to practice their religion in their own way and without corrosion from the command structure. The ALA advocates the use the government in the exact way the First Amendment’s drafters feared when they wrote the Establishment Clause. The clause is meant to be a shield against the majorities’ use of government, not a sword to enforce majority views. The ALA’s jihad against the First Amendment and personal freedom should frighten you as much as it does me.

While I am not a domiciliary of Ohio, neither is the ALA and most of its members. So I feel free to ask you to support the separation of church and state the way our Founding Fathers intended.

xxxx x. xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx, Louisiana

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