Dear Bonnie,

Please ask your retarded husband why he wants, and feels the need to be such an obvious asshole. Why does he not grow some juevos and publicly tell all of us why he has such a rat up his ass about religion, especially Christian? Even if he hates religion what harm does it do to allow others their faith. Your husband is a straight line agitator and for no good reason accept I guess his twisted perceptions of what is important. At least religion helps some people to deal with life in a positive way but for the life of me the only thing I see your husband doing is stroking his ego with no real positive effect on anything except maybe his hateful psyche. What a waste of human tissue

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I’m tempted to assume Susan is neither as angry nor as ignorant as you are and address this message to her. The temptation arises from the fact that you were classless enough to send your pitiful and obnoxious message to Mikey’s wife. But I won’t stoop to your level and insult Susan. I’ll send this to you in the hope that a little information will seep into your brain and enlighten you at least a small amount.

Unlike you, apparently, Mikey believes everyone has the right to her or his own belief system. He founded the MRFF because that right was being attacked by zealots who wanted to impose their belief on those in the military who had no recourse because the wrongdoers were officers and others in positions senior to them.

Like Mikey, we at the MRFF feel that everyone should have the right to believe as she or he chooses. We oppose the use of one’s position to push a religious faith on those in inferior positions. We oppose it because it is wrong, because it is illegal and because it is unfair, especially in a hierarchical relationship like that of the military.

I hope that is clear and helps you understand a little more about the reality of the situation into which you have inserted yourself in such a boorish manner.

You see, it doesn’t matter to the MRFF if the proselytizing is done by a Muslim, a Buddhist, an atheist or a Christian. It is wrong in any instance. However, when this is done by a fundamentalist Christian, as is the case in our military, people like you leap to the assumption that Mikey and the MRFF are anti-Christian and fire off brutish assaults filled with wrong-headed opinions and lots of foul language.

You assume a great deal, Paul, on the basis of no meaningful information at all, and you embarrass yourself and your wife in the process. Your pig-headed assumptions are entirely incorrect and if you have any pride or sense of personal honor I suggest you send a message of apology immediately.

Everyone makes mistakes, Paul, and you’ve made one big time. Fortunately Mikey is a big man and strong enough to withstand this kind of stupid assault. But your kind of nonsense is not easy on Bonnie, who unfortunately has to deal with boorish assaults like yours too often. So let’s see what kind of man you are.

With hope,

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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