I have perused your web site. You are exactly what is wrong with the world. Your intellectual ability to twist truth is quite fascinating. It would also be hilarious if it weren’t so dark and destructive on so many levels.

I share frequently with my twelve year old about the deep spiritual nature of what is occurring in the world. Your group provides a great example for me to be able to teach her about possibly good meaning but misguided people. You with your “Civil Rights” and “Freedom from Religion” feel good communist marketing slogans! What bunk! Civil Justice is not in the constitution. It is “Equal Justice” and with your agenda “Equal” is a foreign concept to you. When my stomach goes sideways when your propaganda enters my spirit, I thank God for the gift of discernment to recognize false proselytizers.

Before you judge my stance and character, know this, I work with some leading Jewish businessmen. My respect for their faith and the state of Israel is strong and unwavering. My Love of who the Jewish people Are, brings constant tears from my soul.

Just wanted to be clear before I get a barrage of left-wing Horses__t thrown at me.

Why go so far left? The founding Fathers would have been shooting already.

Oh, have a nice day!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Your perusal of our website is welcome. Your assessment of it is your own problem. However,
your message leaves me with grave concern for your 12 year old child. When one can, with such pomposity, somehow determine that protecting the freedom of religion for the women and men of our military can be seriously faulted by inane accusations of the use of “communist marketing slogans,” it exposes the depth of your plumbing of the “deep spiritual nature of what is occurring in the world” as comparable to a trip to Disneyland, which, may I suggest, would probably be more beneficial to the child.

Your assertion that the freedom of religious choice and the protection thereof are “so far left” explains a lot about your rather jaundiced view. Your self-serving attempt to demonstrate a lack of religious bias by asserting that you have Jewish friends is laughably, disastrously pathetic.

You have a nice day as well, and please give the poor kid a break.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)pl

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