‘About Mikey Weinstein’

Dear Mr. (name withheld);

I just finished reading your May 2013 screed against Mikey Weinstein (forwarded by him), his activities, and the U.S. Constitution (Article VI, paragraph 3, & 1st Amendment) – why do those who criticize Mikey so hate America’s underlying principles? – and my immediate thought was that your lack of insight into Mikey’s motivations & goals betrays the lie of billing yourself as a ‘mentalist’, i.e.; one who presumes to know others thoughts – although ‘mental’ or ‘delusionist’ may be apt.

Your essay also evidenced some very dysfunctional emotional traits characteristic of the ‘group think’ that has created an American Empire capable of, and evidently willing, to destroy humanity in the name of hegemony & profit. To wit: Extolling your willingness to validate, indeed support as somehow beneficial, the humiliating, puerile, and infantile ‘ritual of passage your colonel forced upon you in ‘Nam as some perverted form of ‘manhood rite’ demonstrates your own subordination to the same narcissistic and juvenile values he demonstrated rather than supporting a more mature and humanistic view that such behavior is not only insupportable as a dignified means of human interaction, but was blatantly illegal under military law, but which you didn‘t have the wherewithal to demand justice under. Why do you support bullying as somehow proving manhood rather than merely proving that bully’s can rule if nobody has the cojones to stand up to them (rather your essay suggests that just meekly accept the bullying was a ‘victory’ – Pyrrhic at best!).

Further, your bandying your exploits and ‘accomplishments’ in Viet Nam as something worthy of praise & value rather than recognizing that your personal activities helped result in the deaths of over 2 million innocent Vietnamese (and untold numbers of Laos & Cambodians) whose only crime was merely wanting to live their own lives, or worse, insisting on the democracy we preached (but refuse to accept when the vote goes against our interests). Rather, you glory in having acted as the enforcement arm of American imperialism in a war based on a bankrupt political concept (the discredited ‘Domino Theory’), fomented by propagandistic lies of attacks on our naval units (the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ lies), and supporting violent anti-democratic U.S.-installed puppet governments (in the name of ‘democracy’… ironic, eh? You might wish to read Gen. Smedley Butler on this subject).

Thus it comes to mind to ask, why are you so opposed to someone who spends his life fighting against the very injustices you were forced to endure against all human dignity and military law? Are you such a slave of ‘the system’ that you cannot escape it’s grasp on your own mentality? A sad commentary for a ‘mentalist’. It makes one consider a kind of perverse ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in which the victim so identifies with one’s tormentors that they cannot act in their own rational self-interest. It also leads me to think, to quote: ‘have you no decency, sir?’

Happy Holidays,
(name withheld)

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