Thank you!

I totally respect your efforts. Please use your influence and resources to protect my son from radical muslim savages like the Army major at Fort Hood that murdered our brave sons. My son is Christian and would never stalk and kill unarmed soldiers while hollering ” allah u akbar”. He was raised in a Christian family with values that would never allow him to do sometbing like that, and he would never allow something like that to happen as long as he was alive and able to stop it. Maybe if you focused on keeping radical trash like this out of the armed forces instead of celebrating your hilarious victory over scopes with bible verses on them, you would get more support. I proudly have 5 “Jesus scopes”. I wish I had a 100 more of these awesomely accurate scopes. The verses on them are so inspiring and honorable. These scopes have helped our troops of all religions and no religion defeat their enemies in battle.
Our radical enemies hate our troops and use their religion regularly as inspiration and justification for their cowardly and savage acts. Maybe you could travel to Iraq and Syria for a face to face meeting with ISIS, and ask that they keep religion out of their religious war.

God bless our troops, and you also.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Your blessings are appreciated, but your understanding is somewhat limited and your willingness to cast judgment on others suggests a rather narrow comprehension on your part of the meaning of Christ’s teaching.

The MRFF is working to protect the rights of your son and the military daughters and sons of others. Our focus has to do with religious freedom and ones right to believe as she or he chooses. The awful actions of the military officer who killed soldiers at Fort Hood is and was condemned by all thinking people, no matter what their belief system.

It’s nice that you know your son’s values “would never allow him to do something like that,” but by suggesting it’s his Christian values that guarantee this while referring to “radical trash” and “radical enemies” who “use their religion” to inspire and justify “their cowardly and savage acts,” you seem to be condemning an entire belief system that is foreign to you. I hope that’s not the case.

Militant radicals, zealots of all belief systems including your own are sometimes known to commit horrifying acts of cruelty and justify them by an aggressive and, I believe, twisted and self-serving interpretation of the values and dictates of the system of their choice. Alternatively, the sons and daughters of Muslims, atheists, Jews, Christians, Hindus and those of other belief systems, who truly ascribe to the humane and ethical values contained in all of them, are like your son and would never commit anything like the acts to which you refer.

As regards the “Jesus scopes,” I trust the accuracy of which you boast would be the same if they had been inscribed with quotes from the Koran or Archie comic books instead of the Bible. The reason they were taken out of service is that the Christian references engraved on them allowed those on the other side of the contest to assert that the U.S. was fighting a Christian war against Islam, something I’m sure you would not want to have be the case.

As to your reference to ISIS, they are a perfect example of the wrongheaded totalitarian zealotry we all oppose and want to be careful not to emulate. Sadly, they are the creatures of a series of unfortunately regrettable decisions, but their excesses are rapidly alienating them from the very people they claim to represent.

I hope this helps you better understand our efforts. Our thanks to your son for his service.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

> Dear Sir or Madam –
> Mikey Weinstein has read your email and shared it with me to offer a response. I’m a life-long Christian, an AF veteran and an MRFF supporter. Knowing that you and your family are also Christians, I’m happy to have an opportunity to give you my perspective about the issues you’ve raised in your email.
> I do have to say, though, that your opening sentence confused me once I’d read the rest of your email. I’m wondering if maybe you started your email thinking one thing and then changed your mind after that first sentence. Or perhaps your opening was intended to be sarcastic. In any case, it’s guess it’s really no matter either way, as the balance of your note seems to make it clear to me that you have some misconceptions about MRFF.
> Regarding the crimes committed by Major Hasan at Fort Hood, I am in complete agreement that his actions were abhorrent and contemptible, and worthy of nothing but condemnation. I’m not sure how you think that the influence and resources of MRFF could be used to protect our soldiers, sailors and airmen from such an attack in the future — we are a Constitutional advocacy group, not a law enforcement agency. If you are thinking that we should be advocating to keep extremists out of the US military, I’m not at all sure how one would go about doing that. Today, MRFF already works to combat the efforts of extremists of any sectarian belief from exerting inappropriate influence or pressure on other military members. In fact, that is the heart and soul of why MRFF exists.
> As to the “Jesus scopes”, in no way is it the intention of MRFF to prevent our soldiers from having “awesomely accurate scopes”. On the contrary, we want our troops to be the best equipped, best trained forces in the world. But I hope you’d agree that the inclusion of a Scripture verse on the scope does nothing to improve its accuracy or performance. What it does, however, is to promote a specific sectarian agenda to all of the troops who would receive a piece of equipment with Scriptural tag, and that is unconstitutional. For my money, the best solution would be for the manufacturer to provide the best possible scopes to aid our troops in battle, and save the proselytizing for a more appropriate time, place and manner.
> Lastly, I agree that groups like ISIS use their interpretation of their religion to inspire and justify conflict. But that sort of behavior is not at all what we should be using as a standard for our own behavior. You and I are blessed to live in a free and open society, comprised of people with many diverse religious beliefs, including honorable people who do not believe in God at all. Our military reflects that diversity, so the best thing that we can do as a nation, in support of every single soldier, sailor and airman is to ensure that our military organizations are equitable, fair and welcoming to individuals of all manner of belief or unbelief. That is what makes American special, not adherence to any single sectarian agenda.
> Thanks for writing to MRFF. Wishing you a happy Advent and Christmas season.
> Peace,
> Mike Challman
> Christian, AF veteran, MRFF supporter

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