“Unexpected and Easy” (USAF XMas Party)

To the MRFF:

I am a (junior enlisted rank withheld) in the U.S. Air Force stationed at (name of base withheld) A.F.B. in (state withheld).

Last week I contacted Mr. Weinstein for help because my commander at the (USAF unit designation withheld) told all of us that the unit “Xmas party” was totally mandatory and the theme was “to put Christ back in Xmas”. Our commander also said he wanted everyone to “prepared to sing their favorite Xmas carols” and wear “Xmas clothing” whatever that is. I am Christian but don’t practice it much. My wife is Jewish and goes to Temple. We don’t yet know how we will raise our baby but probably Jewish.

Mr Weinstein answered my call himself. And he told me what to do. He right away connected me with (officer’s name and rank withheld) who is the MRFF rep here at (name of base withheld) A.F.B. Together we went to the First Shirt, (name and rank withheld) but we were not treated well. We show him the new Air Force reg Mr. Weinstein said to use on this. But he just messes with us and asks us if we are going to “start a war on Xmas”? (Officer’s name and rank withheld) the MRFF Rep then told the First Shirt that since he won’t help us we would simply let the MRFF know about this. The Shirt looks scared in the face right then and there so he know who the MRFF is alright.

Everything changes from there. The Shirt told us he’d get back to us within a day or two. But only a couple hours later he calls me in and tells me that the used to be “Xmas party” party was now a “holiday party” party and has been made optional. No Xmas dress code or singing required. No more “Christ in Xmas” theme just “lets ceilbrate as fellow wingmen together” theme.

I did not expect this to go so good and so fast. Too bad we had to jack up my Shirt to get things right. I have personally thanked (officer’s name and rank withheld) the MRFF rep and now I want to thank you Mr. Weinstein and the whole MRFF. If you guys aren’t there then we had no way. Please accept from my wife too. Your help has turned a bad holiday season into a good one. Please keep my wifes and my names secret.

If my Shirt or commander or anyone else here in the (USAF unit designation withheld) tries to get back at me or (wife’s name withheld) I promise I will call you for help.


(USAF junior enlisted member’s name and rank withheld)

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