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Hey there Mickey your own people are thinking of making Judaism the official religion of the state and actually calling it a Jewish state. Pick up your briefcase and your money and head out there quick because God knows what they are going to make those officers swear to. I woderu if you hate Jews as much as you hate Christians.

(name withheld)

Good Day, (name withheld) –

Mikey Weinstein shared your email with and and asked if I’d be interested in responding. Based on the exchanges you’ve had with some other MRFF supporters, I get a sense that you have no interest in anything resembling an intelligent discourse. Nonetheless, I’m still willing to offer a few of my own thoughts.

I am a Christian and AF veteran, in addition to being an MRFF supporter. So I can tell you unequivocally that the MRFF does not “hate Christians”. What we do despise are inappropriate and unfair attacks on the Constitutional rights of military members who do not share the same sectarian belief as someone who outranks them. If a leader happens to be Jewish (or Muslim, or Hindu, or Druid, or an atheist) and is committing this sort of egregious infraction, we’d despise that just as much as we despise it when a Christian leader does it.

Unfortunately, in the time that I’ve been involved with MRFF, I can count on one hand (with digits to spare) the number of times that this sort of problem has originated with a non-Christian leader. Rather, it would seem that infringing upon the Constitutional rights of subordinates is an area where Dominionist Christians have pretty much cornered the market.

So no, Mark, MRFF does not “hate Christians” or any other religious group. We love and respect the U.S. Constitution, and will vigorously oppose anyone who tramples on it.


Mike Challman
Christian, AF Veteran, MRFF Supporter

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