Your Poor Wife

Mr. Weinstein your wife seems like so pretty. But is also even more so decieved.

Our own base chaplin noticed this first. If you look at the pictures of her in the news she has a demonic shadow over her face in all of them. And that shadow is the shadow of satan. It is the shadow of YOU Mr Weinstein. You are pure evil. You have doomed her to share your fate in the flames of hell eternal. You rebell against the Holy Gospel and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

But we know you for who and what you truly are. Satan get thee behind me!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld) –

I’ll be brief. You cannot discern a “demonic shadow” from a photograph. But what you CAN do, by making such a ridiculous claim, is to demonstrate that there are Christians out there, associated with our military, who are dangerous because they believe that they have some sort of special ability that allows them to see supernatural things, and who believe they have some sort of special connection to God.

When those types of dangerous people find themselves in a position of authority or command, the Constitutional rights of other military members are too often the first casualty. Christians like myself support the efforts of MRFF because we recognize the incredible risk posed by the small percentage of Christians who harbor the type of delusion that seems to inflict you.

Also, Mikey is neither evil nor satanic just because he doesn’t believe what you believe.


Mike Challman
Christian, Veteran, MRFF Supporter

To (name withheld) from Dixie,
Sadly, you live down to the ethics and intelligence of your Christian slave-owning forebears. And your “chaplin,” as you would have it, personifies the least of them. Listening to him will only continue to dull your senses.

Forgive the chauvinism, but being kind of old-fashioned and having been blessed with a wonderful mother and thoughtful and courageous sisters, I expect more compassion, intelligence and decency from women. Given that, plus the fact that the usual run of stupid and hideously anti-Christian garbage that comes our way is from men, your message is highly disappointing. It’s naive of me, I know, in this age of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, to maintain these high expectations, but thanks to women like Bonnie Weinstein, who continues to inspire hope in me, and the other women I’ve been fortunate enough to know in my life, I realize that you are an outlier.

I hope one day you will come to realize that the shadow of the demon you think you see in others has in fact been implanted in your brain and on the lenses of your eyes by your “chaplin” and those like him who live in such fear of reality that they cling to a belief that lashing out stupidly and condemning others will somehow keep them too busy to realize that the Father of Lies resides deep within them and needs, if they have the guts, to be cast out.
In sympathy,

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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