ARMY TIMES – ‘God and country’ recruit poster axed from Army office

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • It received more online attention on Thursday, when an image of the display was the center of a news release and a post on the Daily Kos website from Mikey Weinstein, president and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. In the post, which had nearly 400 comments as of Friday afternoon, Weinstein called the display a “stunning, unconstitutional disgrace” and labeled it the “Poster of Shame.

    He said a number of his group’s clients brought the item to his attention. The MRFF claimed in January to represent more than 40,000 service-connected individual.

  • The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is delighted that the Constitution has been adhered to by the U.S. Army Recruiting Command,” Weinstein said after the poster was removed. “But whoever, in any way, shape or form, allowed that poster to be designed, prepared and displayed, those individuals should be aggressively investigated and very visibly punished.”

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  1. Robert Fulbright

    You are a complete moron! Leave people alone. We Christians have as much right to display as you do not to not look at it. If you hate God so much move to China or Russia and leave the USA alone. I fought to have my freedom to be a Christian also you blind idiot.

  2. Cory

    It’s groups and people like you that are ruining the fabric and foundation of our country.
    As much right as you have to ignore it, we have the right to display it. You are a closed minded cancer to the earth.

  3. Ben

    Very visibly punished. You guys have no place getting involved with our armed forces. I am literally ashamed that you are American citizens.

  4. Jetranger

    Another Communist Liberal Nut Bag Dim Wit Organization / MRFF !!!
    I have NO use for you or your Stupid ignorant Organization or its supposed leaders or founders and as far as I’m concerned you all can go F-Y-S !!!!

    I’ll Definetly be displaying a similar sign very soon outside my home and business, and the best part – theres not a Damn thing you can do about it !!!

    Former member of Operation O.I.F. 2003/2004 ~ !!!!

  5. Erik

    Is it me, or do you seriously now know the difference between the Marines and the Army? Look at both the sign and the windows of the recruiting office. It’s the Army, not the Marines.
    Your hatred for God has blinded you to the obvious.

  6. Erik

    By the way, you enjoying the nearly 50% of all your “tax exempt” group takes in as your pay each year? Do you post on line that “Donate today and 50% of what you give will go to pay our 2 employees, my wife and myself?”
    Bet not….
    Seems like you found a good way to make money to being a God hater….

  7. Greg

    Always have to laugh at fools that are afraid of a being they don’t believe in. Your sensibilities are offended by a sign, poor little boy. Call your mama to change your diapers.

  8. Tiger Tomcat

    Jeeze Louise!!! SJW’s strike again. Y’all really need to take a bloody freaking chill pill. And you bloody got the wrong branch for your caption. Did you even serve or are you a stolen valor wannabe??

  9. Gerald S Lavelle Sr.

    What was wrong with GOD? It’s been ok for hundreds of years.
    I believe organizations like yours are the ANTI CHRIST! You are anti Christ correct?

  10. cynthia Norton

    All religions worship a “god” it could be a budah Jewish Muslim Christian..they may call him a different name but it is “God” this is why our country is the way it is..all the whining for political correctness. I come from a family of military war veterans. The most current our son in Afghanistan ..they all served for God and country!!

  11. Mark Townsley

    Mickey you communist pig

  12. jeff

    its weird that your so scared of God and his power, that you don’t believe in!! Why do you hate so much? I will pray for you and people like you. I think you really do believe

  13. Billie Jo Wright

    Maybe you have not heard this, BUT THERE ARE NO ATHEISTS IN FOXHOLES ! I want to know why your organization has gotten so ” in our face , lately ” ! We don’t bother you. Go to HELL if you want to,it’s nothing to me. But leave me and mine alone.

  14. Jane

    Our nation was founded on the Principal’s of God you idiot.

  15. Alberta

    Who are you to demand that this be taken down. I think you need to understand that our nation was founded on the principles of God. ONE NATION UNDER GOD .Get it?

  16. Ron Ryker

    God- America Constitution – and came home to people like you who spit and kicked a cripple .your a big piece of shit organization

  17. S....

    You communist Satan worshiping sobs need to go back to your own country , this is a god serving nation we are serving god country & family.
    It has been that way since it’s inception.

  18. Bill Mays

    Someday every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!
    How do you think we got here and how do you think everything you see around you works and came to be? Unfortunately, some don’t and won’t get it before it is too late.

  19. Steven Sanders

    Its your freedom to be all ate up. Just wish you wouldn’t bring all us other veterans into your backward philosophies. Do be proud that your one of the one ruining the morals of our great country.

  20. Walter Levitt

    On the back of the US dollar “In God We Trust”, on our coinage “In God We Trust”, the Declaration of Independence God is mentioned twice. Every U.S. State Constitution of all 50 states that make up America gives honor to “God by Name.” The Motto to the American Legion ” For God and Country.”

  21. Stanley Heth

    You know what mikey, I want a copy of that poster so I can display it proudly, I do wear the the uniform and defend my God and Country because without my belief in my God there is no reason to fight for this country, it would be just like any country we will fight and have fought.

  22. Scott

    I for one am not religious by any means but I’m just curious why you think your beliefs are any more important than another persons. If you don’t believe in what the sign says then be a big boy, put your big boy panties on, ignore it and walk the heck away. It’s no small wonder our nation is going to crap and so many other nations have no respect for ours with having to appease every whining, crying, little pansy in the field just in a sad attempt to be politically correct. Douchebaggery by individuals such as yourself Mikey W. should be what gets investigated aggressively and you should be punished VERY VISIBLY instead of appeasing your personal beliefs, Well either that or you should just grow up a little bit, enjoy a hot steaming cup of STFU and leave everyone else’s beliefs alone.

  23. Old_Warhorse

    I highly recommend that all of you who have replied to this post read the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers. Use Google, you’ll find links. If the words therein are too big for you to understand, I suggest you also Google the definition of the words with which you have trouble. That is all.

  24. Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

    I wish to put forth a premise to all the enemies of the Republic both posting and hiding in cowardice. My premise is that what we term today as “Secular” is in essence what would be termed by you and classically as “Pagan” and that the culture and values espoused by the “Founding Fathers” were and are Pagan values, and that Christianity in its virulent form, and that which is Dominionist TheoFascism today, is the truest form of tyranny.

    Premise 1: Artcile VI para, 3 of the Constitution stating “No religious test shall be given to hold public office” is at its core the same as the Pagan act of taking an Oath on a rod of iron. For no god stands in Judgment over man, that man himself ( in the capacity of a rational actor) is judge only.

    Premise 2: Article VI para, 2 of the Constitution states ” Any treaty duly ratified by congress and signed by the President carries the same weight as the law of the land, i.e. the Constitution. The reason for this premise will become apparent in the next premise but is extruded from the Pagan practice of universal accountability under the law. Which lead to the philosophical though of universal rights, and rights extended to all citizens in all sovereign lands.

    Premise 3: Treaty of Tripoli of 1797 states concerning “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian Religion” ratified by the Senate and signed into law by the, as you believe, the “Good Christian” founding father John Adams.

    Premise 4: as Romans 13:1 states that your “God” has put authority in all governments at the height of Christiandom, and as the only authorized Version “King James” bible alludes to your god’s mandated form of government is that of a theocratic monarchy. Our, our’s meaning the patriotic citizenry the founders proclaimed to be their posterity, founding fathers were in essence practicing witchcraft as stated in 1Samuel 15:23 when they lead and won a rebellion against not only the crown of England but the churches of the same, for the churches of Europe were intertwined with the monarchies. This is why Jefferson is quoted as saying that “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government”.

    So in conclusion, OUR America is Pagan in a secular sense. From the form of law, the nature of oaths, the form of political practice, and the means of governmental function in the form of a Republic is totally and whole of Pagan Values, of Pagan Thought, and acts of Pagan Practices. Their is no where in Christian History that affords any form of free peoples taking power and holding it. It took the reimegence of Pagan Thought in the Enlightenment Era and Pagan Practices in the Industrial Revolution that lead the world to freedom and America to greatness.

    All that is “Christian” in modern history is that of a zealous few worming their way into power and coercing laws and government to further their long war of tyranny on the minds of man. to be a Dominionist is to further this cause of enslavement and oppression, and the modern world with the wonder of free information in the form of the internet, of which the church fathers would have destroyed as St. Cyril did in Alexandria in the fist years of the Christian Dark Age,

    You traitors and insurgents who have profited from the sacrifices of millions of people striving to remain free in the face of your evil are a known quantity, and have been put on notice. It is truly the End Times, the End Times of your particular version of Christianity, that which has lost hold of the reigns of power and thus the arch of History. And it has returned to the true people of history, those who know the past, understand the present, and will into being the future. The Pagans. Welcome to the New Age, and hopefully the fossil record will be kind to you and yours.

  25. Anon

    Thanks for what you are doing at MRF

    I would like to suggest people also look at this link about what one has written on the term “emotionally intelligent soldier”

  26. Amen. It has been four years, maybe Mikey Weinstein has be assimilated by the Borgs. Just Hopin’

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