Military Religious Freedom Foundation called the sign the “Poster of Shame”

“An Army recruiting station has been ordered by higher ups to shelve a sidewalk sandwich board with the wording “On a mission for both God and country.”
“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is delighted the Constitution has been adhered to by the U.S. Army Recruiting Command,” Weinstein said after the sign’s removal.
Every time I hear something about the MRFF going off about it reminds me of seeing the chimps at the zoo pick their butts and throw their crap at people.
I thought I would take this time to let you know that we raised another $8000 and passed out over 2000 New Testaments at several bases in AZ.
And please, don’t go through the useless effort of trying to explain to me how you are Christians and/or believe in and serve God …. Christians are to live their lives in all areas at all times, including in the military, serving God and spreading the message of His saving grace.
And if the Constitution did in fact state separation of church and state as you define it, it would be the duty of every true Christian, according to God’s Word, to defy the Constitution.
TTYL chimps.
(name withheld)

Good Evening, (name withheld)-

Sorry, but you don’t get to send an insulting, name-calling email and not receive a response.  At the same time, I share your belief that trying to explain the facts to you would be a waste of time, so I will refrain from that futile effort — and I’ll also refrain from the sort of name-calling and insults in which you seem to revel.
I do find it interesting that you would consider your behavior to be the sign of a “true Christian” who is fulfilling his duties “according to God’s Word.”
As for me, I will continue to love and serve God in all that I do. That includes supporting the honorable work of MRFF to defend the religious rights of all military members, particularly those who would otherwise suffer at the hands of sanctimonious dogmatists who violate the US Constitution.
Mike Challman
Christian, AF veteran, MRFF supporter

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