It will be nice when the islamists finally take over and you atheist Christian haters are on your knees begging for your life and no longer assaulting innocent peaceful Christians trying to serve our nation.


(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld),
Let’s play a quick game of mad libs using your note and see what sort of feelings or ideas it pulls out of you:
1.  It will be nice when the Christian Supremacists finally take over and you Secular Activists are on your knees begging for your life and no longer fighting the traitors attempting to usurp our nation.
How did that one sound?  Oh, I knew you’d love it!  Another round though, this is just too much fun.
2. It will be nice when the Secular Government finally takes over and you innocent peaceful Christians are on your knees praying when and where you please and no longer assaulting non-Christians trying to serve our nation.
Let that one simmer for a minute.  In a truly secular government, everyone is free to believe or not believe as they see fit.  I know that’s really scary to some people, but it’s the best social contract we’ve been able to come up with in these past 6,000 years since god created the internet…or whatever it is your history books read.  Anyways, since your first message was just dripping with Islamophobia, I think we need to play one more round.  So here goes!
3. It will be nice when the Muslims finally take over and you innocent peaceful Christians are on your knees begging for a secular government and no longer vilifying those who want religion out of government.
It’s been great fun.  If you’d like to play again I’m more than happy to entertain.
Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of US Army Affairs

Dear (name withheld),

Or should I say ‘Dear Hysteric”? Do you seriously believe the “islamists,” as you call them, are going to “take over” this country? No, I didn’t think so. I assume you’re using the reference to make a point. But if the point you’re trying to make is about extremists, or terrorists, you make a mistake by using a general term that technically includes all the followers of Islam. You see, most of the followers of Islam are not radical Islamic terrorists. No indeed. Most of them are peaceful, God loving people. You know, like most Christians. In both cases, it’s the radical extremists you have to worry about.

Anyway, your point, beyond being in error, is just silly. Wherever did you get the idea that we were “atheist Christian haters”? Most of the people associated with the MRFF are Christians. Some of them are Christian clergy. Of course we have members and supporters of all faiths and no faith at all, which is very American, don’t you think?

You’re also wrong in claiming we “assault innocent peaceful Christians.” Where do you come up with these dumb ideas?

Our organization is working to protect the rights of all the women and men in the military to be free to believe whatever and however they choose. We support people of all faiths and people of no faith by protecting them from people who want to force a particular belief system on them. It’s really very simple. The Constitution and the laws of this country have established us as a free country in which people can believe whatever they choose. We have no problem with that. What we have a problem with, and what the law says you cannot do, is have the government or any part of it promote one belief system over another.
God it? And because the military is part of the government it cannot promote or appear to promote one faith or belief system over another.

See? We’re just protecting the rights of Americans in the military to believe as they choose and not have somebody pushing a belief on them that they may not want or be comfortable with.

I hope this helps you better understand, because I know it’s embarrassing when you find you’ve shot your mouth off foolishly and attacked some people you don’t know about something you don’t know anything about.

But no problem here. We forgive you.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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