You must be destroyed you pieces of shit

You must be destroyed you pieces of shit

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

What an awful thing to say to someone you don’t know or understand. You realize this classifies you pretty much as a know-nothing?

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has assisted over 40,000 young American military members who were subject to strict unconstitutional Christian proselytizing by superiors. We have done our job helping our armed forces while you sit there and criticize us.

You can visit and see what MRFF is really all about.

Otherwise you will continue to misjudge us and be a class 2 Shit Head.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (ret)
MRFF Volunteer



Oh, (name withheld). Not even the courtesy of a message?

Sorry, but it’s hard to know how to set you straight when you don’t even have the

self-confidence to give a bit of substance to your mistaken opinion.

I wish you well.Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


Get a life. If that’s your job you are an idiot. I am a Christian. Try & take down my sign & my belief. All your doing its disrupting America. GOD BLESS AMERICA! If you don’t like the sign don’t look at it, you ignorant liberal

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld),

I‘m not sure you understand that under U.S. Law, government, including Public Education and the Armed Forces,  may not favor one religion over another or religion over non-religion.  ( U.S Supreme Court Lemon Vs. Kurzman   1971)

By sponsoring and displaying the sign, the military committed a Constitutional violation. Those who break the law to promote religion illegally are criminal. Richard



I‘m glad you have taken the time to exchange E-Mails. Now many more people will get to see the frightening  side of Christian extremism.



Lmfao that you think Christians are extreme. I think you need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the world than a sign that says God and country on it. There are training camps in upstate New York and you’re worried about a sign. Get a life loser. You know what’s extreme I’ll tell you what’s extreme a 60 year old man crying about a sign because it says God and country on it and threatening to go to court over it. Get over it. GOD Bless America.

(name withheld)


You simply prove my point. You wish to destroy us and call us pieces of shit. Who is the extremist here?



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