AF test

o the AF screwed up no reason for Weinstein to go off his meds Get a grip asshole

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld).

Are you so senior that you don’t understand how serious it is that the U.S. Air Force doesn’t understand the Constitution it was created to serve? If so, I’m worried for you. Being that out of touch suggests either serious senioritis or overarching stupidity. I’m not into judging and don’t want to guess, though the tone of your message does provide a hint.

I’ll leave it to you to decide.

Here’s hoping…

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

I am into judging You have been harassing and intimidating the AF for years They have no spine and should have told you to take a hike years ago I grew up with peoplelike you during
 WW2 they were called anti Semitic then You are the flip side of same coin
(name withheld)

Excuse me? Intimidating? The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, this little civil rights organization born out of frustration

with military leaders who are unwilling to live up to their constitutional responsibility to protect the rights and freedoms of the

women and men who serve under them, is intimidating the mighty United States Air Force?

Isn’t that an alarming thought?

In fact, all we want is for leadership to lead in a manner consistent with both military regulations and the law. If the demand

for that qualifies as intimidation in your admittedly judgmental view, so be it.

If you have a problem with the Air Force’s lack of spine, I’d suggest you take it up with them.

Your statement that you “grew up” with whomever you claim to have grown up is called into question by the sadly obvious lack
of maturity in your messages. The only hopeful thing in your note is that you apparently recognized antisemitism, perhaps

when someone pointed it out to you. However, your mention of the “flip side of the same coin” demonstrates your complete

and utter ignorance of the MRFF and its mission.

Perhaps, since you admit to being judgmental, you might take the time to learn a bit about the organization about which you
make your puerile judgments before shooting your mouth off and embarrassing yourself any further.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Hello (name withheld) -Thanks for writing to the MRFF.  Mikey has read your brief, pointed note and asked if I’d like to offer a response.  I am a Christian and AF veteran who volunteers in a variety of ways in support of MRFF efforts.

Believe me, Mikey has a firm grip on things.  Frankly, I’m surprised that you’d think that an individual who dedicates himself to protecting Constitutional freedom in the US military would not have a response to such a basic miscue with regard to this Air Force test.  I hope you’d agree that it’s appropriate to expect a high degree of accuracy in this sort of thing, given the importance of the issue.  And from my perspective, while the sloppiness of the test is certainly something to address, and should be a cause of embarrassment for the USAF, there is a much more interesting aspect that we should discuss.

Specifically, I’d like to look at the assertion by the test author(s) that religious freedom is a “commonly violated civil liberty”.  As a person of faith myself, I happen to agree with that statement, although not for the reasons that some might expect.  There is a recurring theme that is heard today, in our society generally and echoed by some in our military, that Christianity is under attack.  I would not be at all surprised if that is what was intended with the test question, and if that is the case then it is an erroneous claim.

Without a doubt, there is a need to protect religious civil liberties in today’s military — but it is the religious beliefs (including non-belief) of ALL military members that needs to be protected… not just one particular sectarian belief.  In today’s military, there are those who would, and sometimes do, infringe on the civil liberties of others who don’t share their beliefs (and all too often, it is some of my fellow Christians who are doing it).  So what is under attack is not any particular belief, but rather the Constitutional right of every military member to hold whatever belief (or non-belief) the member wishes to hold, without pressure from his leaders or from the military organization itself.

For that reason, the role of civil libertarian groups like the MRFF is vitally important.  Those who would oppose such efforts might do well to take a close look at their own motivations and ask themselves — Do I support the Constitutional right of military members to hold whatever belief they wish, even those with which I disagree?

And for you personally,  (name withheld), you might do well to ask yourself — Is it necessary to be vulgar and profane in professing my opposition to someone else’s efforts, or would it be better to express myself intelligently?


Mike Challman
Christian, AF veteran, MRFF supporter


Dear (name withheld),

Mr. Weinstein is not on meds. He never has been. But many of his critics are. Have you taken yours today?

Folks like Mr. Weinstein don’t need meds to accomplish their mission and goals. In this case Mr. Weinstein leads the Military Religious Freedom Foundation in assuring religious freedom for all Armed Forces members who subscribe to religion and freedom from religion for those who don’t.

In the years since MRFF was founded Mikey Weinstein has and continues to assist over 4o,000  young men and women in the military to remain free of overt and even command centered, Christian religious proselytizing.

A Christian sect known as Dominionists has been infiltrating the Armed Forces for some time with the goal of Christianizing the military and ultimately the world.

You would do well to look into extremist Christian activity in the military and perhaps assist some young person who is subject to coercive religious pressures.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer


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