It’s too dangerous to attend tonight in ABQ

I would come tonight except it’s dangerous to oppose militant religious extremists whether they be AlQueda or KKK or Jewish territorial Zionists. I was raised to believe in a Grace that transcends racial and hereditary bounds. Grace is the inseparable fabric of my thoughts and soul. Thus, I am saddened by communities that believe oppositely. I learned in my Old Testament classes at St. Olaf College that within the Jewish faith there are two sides to Zion understanding: one which demands an attachment to a territory, and one which does not make that demand. Those undemanding Rabbis are sometimes said to be traitors to their faith and not Jewish enough. So it is even dangerous sometimes to be devoutly Jewish. And that danger seems to be expressed occasionally by Mossad-nicks using their own version of hate speech and character assassination. I am not so strong or brave to stand in their way.

If I had attended I would bring to you two gifts of knowledge I have learned:
1st) We the Enlightened, Reformed, non Roman Catholics resolved that great dispute with Rome by stripping away its political power: legislative and military. We carefully declared the dispute to be only with the political leadership and chose not to destroy the true Church which is truly the people, and then we declared our intention to protect it for all eternity. I would hope that could be a solution template for the Jewish problem too.

2nd) I accidentally discovered many years ago Andrew Carnegie’s book Triumphant Democracy. In that discovery I found he was the author of Anglican, Anglo Saxon Imperialist racist views which he held and stated therein. Beyond the mere words is the organized, financed, and memorialized movement he created that I am certain still exists and I expect you have documented. He stated he desired a reunification of England, Canada and Australia with USA to create a great Anglo Saxon Empire with a Navy so great that all warring nations would sue for peace when that navy appeared on the horizon. His stated reason was that only within the Anglo Saxon race was found all the best qualities of men. To which I rely: “disgraceful”. And I mean that in both senses of behavior and faith. But THAT book and his words would be a revelation to very many people and perhaps you also. His racist words were only found in the second edition of 1893 in the closing extra chapter EPILOG, that the first edition of 1886 does not contain.

I will not insert myself into the political debate but I do express once again my hope for an eternally safe Jewish people, just as the Roman Catholic people are safe. We the Enlightened and Reformed are still the majority, I believe and hope.

name withheld

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