MRFF PRESS RELEASE – Cease and Desist Letter to Captain Pfeifle, Commander of Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes Naval Station, Illinois



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Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Cease and Desist Letter to Captain Pfeifle,
Commander of Recruit Training Command,
Great Lakes Naval Station, Illinois

ALBUQUERQUE, NM –  The following is a cease and desist letter from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s Founder and President, Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein.

Lieutenant Demeter, please kindly and timely pass along this urgent message to your Commanding Officer, Captain Pfeifle, Commander of Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes Naval Station.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation renews its demand that Captain Pfeifle immediately reinstate all lay leader led services which are currently suspended by him in DIRECT contravention of at least three specific portions of the United States constitution as well as Department of Defense and Navy directives, instructions and regulations.

Our foundation is moving ahead with alacrity to make provisions for our legal counsel team to prepare to have a Federal Court certify all Navy recruits currently unlawfully disenfranchised by Captain Pfeifle’s shockingly illicit order as a protected “class” to enable injunctive Federal Court relief. Continued failure by the U.S. Navy and Captain Pfeifle to reinstate full due process and equal protection rights to our 250 Navy recruit clients enduring the challenges of Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes Naval Station will result in aggressive and very public litigation. There is ABSOLUTELY no way that Captain Pfeifle’s horrendous and legally unsupportable decision will be upheld and sustained in Federal Court. Please do the right thing and do it right now. There will be no more warnings prior to our planned enforcement litigation of our clients’ basic constitutional religious freedom rights. In other words, cease and desist immediately or we will see you in court.

Mikey Weinstein, Founder and President, MRFF; 505-250-7727.

For more information regarding this incident of constitutional violation by the U.S. Navy at the Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes Naval Station, Illinois,  please click here.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is the only civil rights organization devoted to protecting the Constitutionally-mandated Separation of Church and State within the U.S. Military.  MRFF is now representing well over 41,000 active duty armed servicemembers, veterans, and civilian personnel.


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