A Military Christian

You have to be kidding…”standing up for our service members”.  You are a Communist/a liar.  You are not standing up for our military.  We serve”GOD, our country and family…in that order.  I have over 1.5 million military members in my organization and we are pursuing every channel we know to have your company deleted from all military organizations.  We will do everything to get rid of your ‘not for profit status’.  What you are saying is totally false and very misleading.  We can talk about GOD,Prayer, Jesus and who ever is in the books of the Bible.  It is is our right and make no mistake we will continue to do so.  GOD is in control.  Not you deceitful, liars.  I and many others will do with all of our power get rid of your organization.  People like you don’t like our country or our GOD…you must be Muslim or some other non-christian outfit.  We will seek you out and we will get rid of you one way or another.  Time is on our side.  

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld),
Only common sense tells us that we must serve Country first because of the vast numbers of different races, religions and populations.

One size does not fit all.  A stable and well governed country is the best solution for all populations irrespective of their religious beliefs. Placing a deity at the top of the list pretty much puts narrow religious beliefs in charge of our lives.

MRFF is not a communist organization. Factually, our efforts for some time have been to help guarantee our service members freedom of and from religion.

Your very act of attempting to obliterate MRFF and our work is much closer to Communist activity than anything we have ever done.

You are so involved in religion and have become such a blind follower of it that you have become totally immersed in it. You lack even the most basic allowances for dissent.

Religion is part of our civilization not the sum total of it.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (MedRet)
MRFF Volunteer



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