Don’t Quit or Go Quietly


I have profound gratitude for the hard work and exceptional patriotism of Mr. Mikey Weinstein and his organization, MRFF. Although there are many fierce and hostile narratives that profess outrage over MRFF and Mikey’s work, as a 21 year veteran of the military and having served from an E1 private through the ranks, I must disagree with the naysayers. Mr. Weinstein, once I reached out to him, immediately and professionally assisted me with sound advice, compassion, and an interpersonal ability to connect with victims- particularly those who are in the awkward and often lonely position of being victims of religious discrimination within the larger military institution. Having served as long as I have, I have a great love and loyalty of my Army, and it was only with great sadness and frustration did I choose to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” Religious discrimination of any sort, particularly the career ending variety that was intentionally inflicted upon me, has no place in our military. Further, the vast bureaucracies, and the social pressures that often make our military strong are also just as powerful to make it weak and faulty. Mikey put me in touch with the right leaders that exist to repair the damages, and restore the balance that makes our military the great defenders of our nation’s freedom, and the environment where we as Soldiers might live and serve without fear of prosecution by those empowered to manage the force as well as our careers. For other Soldiers that are currently facing the dark days of despair and depression, I encourage you not to quit, or go quietly. Loyalty to the nation and loyalty to the military means that sometimes, we are really tested in ways we did not expect. Sometimes, we have to fight back not against external enemies, but enemies internal to our own organization- those that put their own flawed and harmful choices in front of what is morally right, fair, and within the true values of a professional and all-volunteer Army.
  (Active Duty U.S. Army Officer’s name, rank, MOS, military unit and installation all withheld)

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