Hate Mail ?

Do you refer to people who don’t agree with your view point as haters? LGBT use that tactic to silence people who don’t agree with their agenda. Your group should use a little creativity to think up your own unique tactic. It’s very important to silence the opposing view point.
Christians seem to be an easy target these days. Bullies tend to pick on those they perceive to be weaker. It would be very interesting to see how well your group would make out if you called out someone of Islamic Faith. Not very good I would assume, but staying true to ones convictions are sometimes more important.
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(name withheld)



Dear (name withheld),


I am writing in response to your May 18, 2015 email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (“MRFF”).  First, I must give you credit for the creative way you expressed your point of view.  I have had the privilege of responding to many emails received by MRFF during my time as a volunteer and, since most are filled with profanity and blatantly false accusations, I truly appreciate your fresh approach.  That said, your email still includes misinformed claims regarding the purpose of MRFF.


To answer your first question: No, MRFF does not refer to people who disagree with its point of view as “haters.”  MRFF protects and defends the right of religious freedom for service members throughout the country and, in addition to practicing many different religious faiths, its clients necessarily have very different backgrounds – they each have different home towns, different childhood experiences, individual paths toward military service, personal political views, various family traditions, etc.  Accordingly, MRFF understands and respects individuality and the right to express that individuality.  It does not use a single label to categorize anyone who might hold different views concerning its work.  The people who object to MRFF’s purpose or work are just as individual as the clients it represents.  Each objector has his/her own reasons for disagreeing with the purpose, work, or positions taken by MRFF – some are simply misinformed regarding MRFF’s goal, some generally agree with MRFF’s purpose but have concerns regarding particular situations, some interpret the Constitution differently, and, unfortunately, others do attack from a place of hatred and ignorance.


That said, MRFF is dedicated to ensuring religious freedom for all soldiers, sailors, Marines, cadets, and veterans.  While the board members and volunteers are certainly tolerant of those who may disagree with the ways works toward this purpose, it is unmoving on the issues concerning the First Amendment, Article VI of the Constitution, and the time, place, and manner requirements governing religious freedom.  Requiring military leaders to respect and adhere to these mandates does not mean that it is opposed to the expression of differing beliefs.


MRFF is no more of a “bully” than any other person or organization working to defend Constitutional rights and restrictions.  Concerning your curiosity regarding MRFF “calling out” someone of Islamic faith, I guarantee that if MRFF received complaints of religious discrimination or wrongful proselytizing by a superior of Islamic faith, it would fight just as vigorously to cease such unlawful conduct.  I cannot state what would happen because the overwhelming majority of complaints received by MRFF concern proselytizing by fundamentalist Christians.


I hope I have helped you to better understand the mission and work of MRFF.


Blessed be,


Tobanna Barker

MRFF Volunteer


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