Maj. Gen Olson

Disgusting: deceitful organization is against everything I stood for during my 26-year Navy career: freedom OF religion and the individual rights of our citizens.

Like another reader commented, you should change your name to Military Religious Persecution Foundation.   Clearly, the atheists have you in their back pocket.

(name withheld)


Hi (name withheld),

It’s me! The scary atheist guy who has MRFF in his back pocket.

I wish! Actually, most of the staff and allies at MRFF comes from a Judeo-Christian background. And 96% of the clients who bring complaints are Christians who are persecuted by Christian extremists for not being “Christian enough”.

No matter how hard I’ve tried, Mikey and the MRFF team repeatedly turn down my requests to set up a lion’s den. Nobody signed up when I asked for volunteers to launch an unholy War on Christmas. They all consistently refuse to eat babies (Mikey wouldn’t even nibble a little roasted thigh, and that’s the best part). One time, I saw a sale at the department store and bought two dozen perfectly good pitchforks and these guys wouldn’t even join me for a Christian-hunting mob. I even told them where a real-life Christian lived and they wouldn’t budge! Now I have a stack of unused rusty pitchforks in my garage. You have NO IDEA how hard it is when you’ve got all these activists “in your back pocket” and all they really care about is separation of church and state.

Bah! I guess I’ll have to do all the persecution on my own. But first, I’m going to go watch this NOVA special about outer space, because that’s what atheists really do.


Dustin Chalker

MRFF Atheist Affairs Advisor


Your flippant, sarcastic reply pretty much proves my point about what a despicable organization you have.  How does it feel to be lumped in with other Christianity-hating  organizations such as ISIS?

(name withheld)

…haha!!…YOU calling us “flippant”??!!??…….read your opening salvo to us, jack…….pot meet kettle!!  🙂
Mikey Weinstein

Dare you to Publish my letter on your website.
(name withheld)

not posting it for us was never an option, chump…..
Mikey Weinstein

BTW, Mr JAG Genius, exactly which UCMJ statutes (please cite by numbers) has Olson violated?
(name withheld)

Specifically section 892 of UCMJ article 92
Mikey Weinstein

failure to obey an order…REALLY??  bullsnot, you 2-bit ambulance chaser….you don’t know squat.  show me the order he disobeyed.

here’s an idea for you, Glider Skool Honor Grad: why don’t you ask your beloved USAF to court-martial everyone who verbally finishes their oath of office / enlistment with, “so help me God”?
and just exactly how did you ever make it out of Colo. Springs?  I guess you were too much of a retard to get a flight school or missile school slot, so they sent you to the JAG Corps.  get a life, Mikey the Loser.
(name withheld)

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