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Mikey Weinstein,
Thanks for forwarding a response from Mike Challman.  The response appears that you believe as Mr. Challman, but I did not see whether you responded in saying that you professed to be a follower of Jesus the Christ, God’s only begotten son.  I am more interested in your response rather than the forwarding of a selected e-mail.  I am also interested in whether or not you personally are a Christian and, as the founder of MRFF, hold the views that are anti-religion such as expressed in the commitment/mission statement for the organization.  
I see that there are well-meaning people supporting your organization who profess to be followers of Jesus the Christ.  However, my concern is about the leadership’s belief and the purpose of your organization, not some of the selected supporters.  The leadership leads the organization.  
I listened to Air Force Maj. Gen. Craig Olson’s address of 23 plus minutes.  I saw no breech of military instructions concerning the right to freely exercise individual expression of religious belief.  He expressed his personal belief, not a militarily official endorsement of a faith or belief.  He was giving a testimonial of his life.  In the last one to three minutes he asked the audience (not subordinates) to pray for our military leaders and all the leaders of our great country (United States of America).  He was at a Prayer Conference where they gather to pray and encourage one another.
To conclude, let me ask you this question.  Why do you so venomously chafe at people who recognize a personal God who loves all people, whom He created, so much that He provided redemption from eternal damnation?  Only Jesus, the son of God, was sinless and able to redeem us humans from our sin.   Sin is the work of Satan, who was the first to declare that he would become greater than God, the creator of all things.  Of course he never can be.  How can a creation become greater than the creator?  You are free to believe what you want.  However, each one of us will answer to God as to whether we accept or reject Him and His Son, Jesus the Christ.  Life is short.  Use it wisely and be ready to answer as to how you have used it.
(name withheld)
My actual e-mail is below.  It was not the one you included in your response.
To Whom it may concern,
Since when has our religious freedom been taken away so that we cannot speak about our Godly beliefs and attribute Jesus as being our help in living our daily life?  Why must God be put in a box and only spoken about at the government request?  America was founded on religious freedom.  There is no freedom if there is only one religious faith.  
If Christians are not allowed to proselytize then why should you be allowed that freedom?  You say Air Force Maj. Gen. Craig Olson did the unforgivable crime and transgression for giving God the credit for his life and achievements; who do you say he should give the credit to?  Then why can someone not freely give credit where credit is due?  Do you not believe in truth?  
Christians do not say everyone has to abide by Biblical truths, but they acknowledge that all truth comes from God.  Christians are followers of Jesus the Christ, the only begotten son of God.  We have the right to proclaim who our God is as well as you do to proclaim that you have no God except yourself or any other.  Air Force Maj. Gen Craig Olson has the freedom to speak about his Biblical beliefs as you have the freedom to speak about your commitment to rid the world of Christians.  American patriotism stands for freedom not dictatorship.  They had that in Nazi and Communist Germany where Americans fought to free the people. 
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),
You are one of the fortunate ones that got an initial response from Mikey. He must have had a free minute to take the time to send you Mike’s response.
The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) – due to its nature – is set up where Mikey deals directly with the soldiers and their complaints (which are overwhelming) and we answer the emails.
The people on the Board, Advisory Board, volunteers and supporters are made up of many religions and those of no faith who work harmoniously together because we believe strongly in defending the religious rights of all of our soldiers guaranteed to them under the Constitution, Supreme Court rulings and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
We do not get into theological debates and your questioning of his faith is off topic; and which is really none of your business.
Your original email was answered and we will no longer carry on any correspondence with you.
Have a good day.
Pastor Joan
MRFF Advisory Board Member

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