MRFF wants Airforce general court-martial-ed.

Lets start with I am an atheist. I also put the constitution first in my list of priorities for personal liberty and ethics systems.

Calling for a general court martial because this man claimed he believes god enabled him to achieve some milestone is not a court martial offense. I know nothing about the MRFF organization except that you are pursuing this mans court martial. However, knowing that is enough for me to take notice of, and offense from, your oppressive organization.  Attacking a christians right to state their beliefs is the same as attacking mine as an atheist. All service members should be able to express their personal beliefs without repercussion so long as those beliefs do not threaten the United States whom they serve.

Due to your position on this issue, I will forever remember your organization and boycott it at every opportunity.
(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

Thanks for your message, but I’d suggest starting over. Let’s start, instead, with the fact that you are an atheist who holds the constitution high but doesn’t understand about

the separation of church and state. Since you admit to knowing nothing about the MRFF, I’d suggest it might behoove you to find out a bit about us before getting on your high

horse and lashing out about an issue you have failed to fully comprehend.

We do not attack “a christians (sic) right to state” her or his beliefs. Our organization is dedicated to protecting the right of belief or non-belief of all the women and men in the U.S.

military. That is accomplished by seeing to it that those in authority obey both the laws of the land and military (in this matter Air Force) instructions requiring them to avoid

proselytizing, promoting or appearing to promote one belief system over another except in the proper time, place and manner. Major General Olson chose to ignore the law,

Air Force instructions and his training and effectively preach, in uniform, before the world, on television. Had he done so at home, in private or in his church, we would have
had no problem. Nor would he.

If you truly care about protecting the right of belief or non-belief, I suggest you find out more about us and consider supporting, rather than boycotting, our efforts.


Mike Farrell (USMC)

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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